The ex-AKB48 Tomomi Itano unveils her brand “Rosy luce”!

Rosy luce is a new fashion and lifestyle brand directed by actress and singer Tomomi Itano!

“Rosy luce” 1st collection

On February 1st, the site started receiving web orders for “Rosy luce” -2021 SPRING 1st collection- on the e-commerce site. The 1st collection mixes “flowers and fashion”.

In the future, the brand plans to host pop-ups and events where you can see the new brand of pretty Tomomi Itano and the worldview of “Rosy luce”.


“Like me all the time. We all bloom like flowers, like ours. The timing of flowering is not compared to someone, The moment when I flower is the most beautiful. I will love myself more. “

Comment from Tomomi Itano

“Rosy luce” is not a brand that specializes in clothing, but a brand that delivers my lifestyle.

Now the world is in this situation, I have more time at home, and once again, I felt the space around me was very important. First, fill your own heart. I want to cherish myself and make the people involved happy.

As we age, we have many options and our lifestyles continue to change. I always want to be confident in myself at all times. And no matter how old I am, I want to take advantage of who I am and continue to shine as a woman.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of my solo debut. Samantha Tabasa’s staff, who took part in the special collaboration of my first solo song “Dear J”, have still been in touch with me for over 10 years after meeting at the first job together!

How can I tell everyone who has supported me for a long time how and through what I can be happy with? “Rosy luce” was born talking about my thoughts now. As a milestone, on January 26, exactly 10 years after my solo debut, I lifted the ban on reporting.

In your heyday, I want to create a brand that is close to your good life with you.

I want to show the quality of the skin and the silhouette that changes with age in a natural way without shoulder strain. Cleavage, bare feet, waist, I like me better now. I was particularly on the silhouette which shows the transparency born from the feeling of bare skin which seems to be so beautiful. In addition, in order to hydrate everyday life, we are particularly about comfort and providing a show style of adult skin according to age.

Thank you very much for your support and love!

Tomomi Itano”

The TSS team would like to use this opportunity to convey our congratulations to the new bride!

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