Tsubasa Masuwaka in collaboration with p-Grandi for night time bra !

A new advertisement has appeared in Japan with the famous Tsubasa Masuwaka in an underwear video.

Belletia Co, which manages the p-Grandi brand, independently developed the “PG-Bra” night bra.

An advertisement titled “I want to be a bra” featuring “Tsubasa Masuwaka” aired on Nippon Television from January 15 (Friday) to January 21 (Thursday), 2020.

Tsubasa Masuwaka, THE Japanese personality to know

Tsubasa Masuwaka, who was named this time as THE personality of the new TV-CM, represents the brand image of “PG-Bra” from 2019.

Being very popular, as of 2020 Tsubasa also opened its own Youtube channel, with around 140,000 subscribers and a total of 7.24 million views. In 2008, her son was born and as a result, she gained popularity on television as a talented mom.

A choice to be whoever you want

This time around, Tsubasa Masuwaka, who seeks gentleness and beauty without being influenced by the “like an adult” and “like a mom” stereotypes, says “I want to be cute” and “I want to be beautiful”.

“I decided to appear in PG-Bra’s first WC because I felt I could support the feelings of the woman I wanted to be. A CM that expresses what you want to be in a pretty pink world will positively change the feelings of the viewer. Please look forward to this CM ”,
a message simply expressing Tsubasa Masuwaka’s lovely worldview.

p-Grandi’s Instagram states “Daily home care is a very important factor in maintaining a beautiful breast. However, it takes time and effort to continue to provide effective home care every day.” Based on these customer feedback, the optimal solution is from p-Grandi, a bust professional.

The night bra (PG bra)

During their 5 years of salon experience and after a one year development period, the night bra (PG bra), which can be considered the culmination of p-Grandi, was completed. With a high armpit structure that retains fat on the sides and back and lifts it up to the bust, it forms and maintains a beautiful breast.

“I wear it every day, so I paid attention to its comfort. For the care of the breast during the holidays, use the PG bra, which makes the bust happy. A Trusted Work by p-Grandi! »🔸 p-Grandi official Youtube

A night bra that goes beyond the framework of a night bra that uses straps and elegant lace so that it can be used not only to prevent bedtime fat but also for breastfeeding and for daily use as a bra.

Comment from Tsubasa Masuwaka

“I won’t give up even if I’m old. I don’t think age matters to women. Now that I’m a mom, I feel that way. I want to be beautiful no matter how many years old. I hope this PG bra, which is close to this feeling, will reach many women.”

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