“Pêche”, adult Larme magazine was published with Kirara Asuka on cover!

“Pêche” (ペシェ), which was developed to be an adult version of Larme, is targeting mainly women over 25 years with the theme of “Secret Beauty Bible ♡, a sweet and cute adult.” The first volume was published on December 16, 2020!

The cover of the first issue featured Asuka Kirara. We could also find “100 questions for Tomorrow Flowers” in the magazine, a beauty page focusing on Tsubasa Masuwaka, Yui Kanno, Satosago Nakamura and many more; as welle as a lingerie report starring Maria Kurotaki, Mirai Saito and Emma Jasmine.

There are also makeup tutorials by Yui Kanno, Tsubasa Masuwaka, Maria Kurotaki, Yun, Mizuki Nishikawa, Sayaka Hitori, Tenching, Mitsuki Shiina and Kumiko Funayama.

Asuka Kirara pursues beauty even as she ages, and approaches the secrets of women’s beauty by continuing to be beautiful. Pêche – Like “Peach” in French, information about beauty to become a sweet and cute adult woman.

Asuka was named one of the most influential talents for women and she said: “I was very worried but I knew it would be good for me because it was the cover of a new magazine, I was very happy to be selected on the cover, and I was glad I worked hard for so long.”

A magazine published three times a year!

The magazine will be published three times a year in April, August and December. Coverage ranks first for female artists such as actresses and models in the “Face Ranking”, the number of SNS followers exceeds 4 million!

Maria Kurotaki, Emma Jasmine and Mirai Saito are elegant in underwear

Maria Kurotaki, Emma Jasmine and Mira Saito present their lingerie that will make your heart beat just by looking at them. Of ephemeral beauty, lingerie is beautiful enough to fall in love with it.

Chihiro Kondo, Yui Kanno and Mizuki Nishikawa are fascinated by glitter makeup

Chihiro Kondo, Yui Kanno and Mizuki Nishikawa appeared with a soft and cute glitter makeup. “If you combine glittering cosmetics with the trendy winter makeup for this season, you’ll discover a new charm.”

In addition, more popular models were announced: Yun, the popular YouTuber Yunchanneru with 2.23 million subscribers; Tenchyuri with 1.58 million subscribers; Sayaka Hitori, very popular; Yuko Sugamoto, active as a fashion designer and Misa Shiina, active as a model.

The magazine is outstanding with a wide variety of models !

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