Model Tsubasa Masuwaka updated these social networks on February 21. With Noah Sato, she released “Heisei Gal” and “Reiwa Menhera” to fans, and it provoked reactions. “These two people are too strong,” “Emo” “Popteen Tsu-chan” “I was really a fan of tsubasa Masuwaka when I saw it on TV when I was in elementary school!” “Tsu-chan! I miss it,” and “Queen of Gal Feeling” the photos have created a movement of nostalgia and happiness among fans! It has even become a hot topic, a victory for the two beautiful young women!

Sato exploded in popularity following a careful and transparent plan on Twitter in March 2017. She is active in multiple activities, such as modeling for bis magazine, a YouTube channel with about 435,000 people registered, and appearing on the love reality show “Don’t Be Deceived by Wolf-kun”. On February 17, sugar sick, the first photo-style book, was released.

Tsubasa close to Noah participates in the project!

That day, Masuwaka said: “In the same day I became several different women! With normal makeup, Heisei Gal and Reiwa Menhera! but it turned out that I could transform myself as much as I could with human makeup and fashion. I was surprised to learn that I can go back in time with makeup and fashion.”

For Heisei gyaru makeup like tanned skin, fine eyebrows, white eye shadow eyes, garake, accessories … Tsubasa was transformed with the feeling of the Heisei era.

“I decided to make a peace sign with Noah Sato with the image of a colorful girl with a garake,” and she then added: “People who have the black girl image of that time often say I’m a different person now, but it seems I can go back. Lol,”

Also, in the next post, “And this menhera makeup reiwa. I had a rabbit because it was so cute,” she says, posting a photo of herself wearing a one-piece black tunic with Noah in a pink twin. It is an image of kindness with a different atmosphere of gals.

A book that has become a business card

Model Noah Sato (23 years old) published her first photo style book Sugar Sick on February 17, 2021. She continues to play an active role not only as a role model, but also as an artist and influencer.

Sato, from Hokkaido went to Tokyo in 2016, is active as a model reader and singer of the girl group “suga/es” (Shugales), and seems to attract attention in social media posts. In July 2020, she independently launched, and her appearance on ABEMA’s original love reality show “Don’t Be Deceived by Wolf-kun” also made her stand out!

This is Sato’s first photo-style book since its first appearance in 2017. Starting with fashion, makeup, hair arrangements and beauty, it also includes photos of the shoot in a world view of a dreamer, as well as an adult figure who has never been seen before.

“The Secrets of Sato Noah’s Beauty Secret,” “My Fashion Rule,” “Favorite Twin Tail Hair Arrangement,” “Girls Talk with The Beloved Tsubasa Masuwaka,” “Self-written Essay,” “100 Questions for Noah Sato,” etc., is a book that perfectly describes Sato, the active model in all areas!

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