EGG is collaborating with Don Quijote for an exclusive collection for the end of April 2021 and the store announces a new Gyaru mascot !

Since March 2, 2021, Don Quijote, the famous Japanese department store chain, has announced a brand new collaboration with Gyaru EGG magazine!

“The spring issue 2021 of EGG is out! The collaboration was announced in the magazine and the products are represented, many cute items such as eco-friendly bags, sandals, clutches, etc. This collaboration will be released at the end of April”

The goodies advertised in EGG’s Spring 2021 magazine!

Beach towels !

Gyaru-printed beach towels! Leopard and Zebra and the magazine logo basically written on it. If you like the Gyaru style, you know they (we) like to go to the beach and sunbathe! You can show your Gal attitude with these beautiful towels at the beach or even at home in your bathroom!

Towels for hands or face !

Mini towels are also available for your face and hands!

Sandals !

Also with the same two different patterns, Don quijote and Egg have reproduced Gyaru sandals! Useful when you’re at home or wanting to walk around when the weather is nice at the beach!

Mirrors !

Momo Seto model presents a must-have product for Gyaru: the mirror! They wear make-up everywhere so they need their trusty mirror for touch-ups! Very practical, thin and foldable, it’s easy to slip into the purse and carry!

Two make-up kits !

Another must-have accessory for the Gals! Make-up kits and mini pouches to store in your handbag!

Don quijote x Egg bags and cologne!

The magazine’s Kireii and Maami models (whom we interviewed exclusively) introduce us to the new bags of the collaboration: beach bags! If you do not go to the beach, it does not matter: you can still use it for any other circumstance, go shopping… You’ll always stay fashiony with it!

Another bag appeared in the magazine, a simpler pink bag but with Donki Egg written on the straps! And a body cologne called Egg SAMOURAÏ!

Phone cases already out at Don Quijote!

COLLABORN and Hashfeat have launched a project in which Don Quijote and six models belonging to gal magazine “EGG” have teamed up with the smartphone shell brand “Hash feat.#F”. Including the 360-degree FULL PROTECT shell that protects the front, rear, camera lens and 360-degree smartphone from impact, the ultra PROTECT CASE™ is slim and stylish.

A new mascot has also been unveiled of the character Donki in Gyaru called: Gal donko-chan!

Here are the EGG models that collaborated:

6 exclusive EGG models will showcase the best products and recommend them every month on the pop up at the store!

March (in purple): Momo, April (in yellow): Maami, May (in light pink): Seina, June (in blue): Yu-chami, July (in dark pink): Yuzuha and August (in grey): Aimi

A video was also posted on their youtube channel:

The campaign will last 6 months (March 2 to August 31)!

Each month, there will be a lottery: the 100 winners will receive a tricolor set of “Victoria Mask”, which is a hot topic on television and in other media! Find Gal Donko-chan in Don Quijote’s Smartphone Corner and post it on Instagram with the photo and hashtag “#ドンキ×egg”!

What is Victorian Mask….?

“Victorian Mask” is a new “diamond shape” form based on the design of human engineering, and it is a mask with excellent functions that eliminate the mist and breathing of glasses when wearing a mask, adhesion of the lips of the mouth, etc.

In addition, it is a high quality mask that has obtained the CE/FDA mark that proves that it is a safe and appropriate product with results exceeding the standard value of 99% or more of PFE, thorough quality management in ISO plants, and inspection in Japan.

The mask was well received by many customers and was shown several times on Asahi television’s “Hatori Shinichi Morning Show”. And it was selected as the 1st place adult mask as well as at Amazon and Rakuten!

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