Color your eyebrows with Dolly Wink’s new “Eyebrow Filter”!

Tsubasa Masuwaka participated in the Cosme Festival SS 2021 event in Japan previously on March 2021! She took the opportunity to present her new collection for eyebrows “Eyebrow Filter” from her brand Dolly Wink!

Eyebrows, a very important point

The brand declared on its website that eyebrow makeup is very important because it can create different facial expressions. The product promises a powdery texture that colors well with a nice finish on the eyebrows. Dolly Wink had already released the same style of small mascara for eyebrows before, but today we have the right to a new range of product!

Available in 3 shades!

How to use the products?

First step:
Fath your eyebrows with a pencil or powder.
Second step:
Take the amount of mascara EYEBROW FILTER suitable for the brush and apply the inner eyebed in the order of the → and → the eyebrow head so as to defy the flow of the eyebrows.
Third step:
Finally, adjust it so that the hairs are arranged from the head of the eyebrow outwards.

A product that softens the look

Salform in soft powder: It’s a natural color that softens the blackness of the eyebrows, and when it dries, it has a soft finish like a finish with powder.
Ser speed and waterproofing: Because it is smooth and stretches well, it dries quickly and is resistant to friction and sweat.
A easy-to-use brush: It’s easy to apply such fine parts depending on the direction you’re brushing.
This is an original shape resembling a mini mascara! (So useful to take everywhere!)
Two types of Ingredients: Moisturizing Serums: Formed with Pantenol and Hydrolyzed Conchiolin
Facile to be removed with hot water: It’s easy to remove with hot water, even if the makeup has stayed for a very long time.

Tsubasa presents her latest products in a tutorial on her Youtube channel:

Tsubasa released a new video yesterday where she presents the must Dolly Wink in a tutorial for those who would like a spring makeup. Full explanation of all the new colors!

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