“GYDA” fashion brand celebrates its 10th anniversary with a photobook with Koda Kumi!

The concept of the brand

“The image of the atmosphere of the West Coast L.A.
Expose the body line with simple items
Casual style.”

A fashionable brand

Gyda is a Japanese brand very popular with young women, especially for its casual side and at the cutting edge of fashion. Founded by a woman named Yuria Kushido through her fashion experience in Los Angeles, Usa. She is a producer of Mark Styler, a model with exceptional talent as a model and fashion producer.

She is respected by women around the world because of her slim body shape and her cute atmosphere that doesn’t make her feel her age, even though she is now 29.

The founder left the brand in 2015 and left Marks Tyler. Yuria Kushido published on her blog, entitled “Why did I leave the brand I launched? Eight staff members who have been involved in the brand have also retired at the same time”, and she said, “This means that what we’ve done with everyone so far will leave our hands and change into something different.”
Later, in 2018, she became a designer for a women’s brand called BALLET BY BACKLASH.

As for Gyda, Marks Tyler said they would take over the reins of the brand with a team while taking up the concept of a brand based on L.A Casual.

Many products are less than 10.000 yen, but some are in the low range of 10.000 yen.

A photobook announced for the anniversary!

Singer Koda Kumi participated in the special Photobook for the 10 years of the brand. Pre-orders were opened Friday, April 2, 2021 in Japan and it will be sold in GYDA stores, starting April 16, 2021!

Kuu-chan made her debut with the single “TAKE BACK” in 2000. In addition to releasing two mini-album tracks last year, she released on March 10 a live video containing “KODA KUMI 20th ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2020 MY NAME IS…” which will be the year of the 20th anniversary of her debut.

On 2 April, Kumi Koda updated his Instagram and posted photos of the photoshoot backstages and wrote on her Instagram account, “MOOK book “GYDA 10th BOOK”, “Pre-order started from today on the official mail-order website “RUNWAY channel!”! That’s really cool!”. In response to this post, fans praised her: “Kuu-chan, which gets more and more beautiful as she gets older”, “It’s too beautiful”, “Adult Beauty”, “The style is too beautiful”, “It’s fashionable and very nice”, “It’s really cool.”

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