Interview with GLAPOCHA plus-size Mama model Mikuru

Interview with GLAPOCHA plus-size Mama model Mikuru

TSS had the chance to interview many GLAPOCHA Plus Size Models!

Today, let us introduce you to MIKURU, one of the women who wants to share plus-size fashion as well as her life as a Japanese mom with the world. Mom of a high-school son, she wants to show the world that you can be well-dressed and cute no matter your age and size!

1. First of all, could you introduce yourself ?

My name is Mikuru, I have a son in his first year of high school. I am a plus-size model, but I am also a copywriter. So I do activities to show the world the beauty of Japanese plus-size girls.

2. Since when are you a plus-size model and how did you become a model ?

I am currently 43 years old, but when I turned 40, I saw a news article about Glapocha on the internet, and more precisely a news article about Momoka Ai. I thought that if I could become a model like her and show that people in 40 or 50 years old could still be well dressed and cute, it would be an incredible chance. So I participated in the auditions as well.

3. Is there a difference between curvy and plus size to you?

For me, there is a difference between these terms. I differentiate between curvy (which would be equivalent to L), pocchari and plus-size which is really wider.

4. Have you undergone the dictates of thinness in your life?

 In my case, ever since I was a little girl, my parents have always told me to lose weight. Even recently, when I told them again that I like my body the way it is, they told me to lose some weight. I’ve been hearing these comments for 40 years. But since I’ve been at Glapocha, they really understand that I like my body the way it is.

5. You are a mom, can you manage both ? and what do your children think about the fact that you are a model ?

Personally, my son is the first to support and advise me, whether it’s auditions, coordinating my clothes or coloring my nails.

6. Should there be more representation of mama models for you?

 Personally when I shoot, I wear dresses or loose but cute clothes for moms. I get a lot of DMs on Instagram from people who are 40 or older who tell me that their kids are also in high school and they want to try wearing the same clothes. I figure it’s our job as Mama Models to give these people confidence to make them happy.

7. Do you have models or inspiration ?

It’s true that when you watch Glapocha’s fashion show, you really want to become like her. I wear dark clothes nowadays, which might have a negative connotation, but Glapocha’s models always wear colorful colors.

8. Do you have any advice for girls who would like to be more confident with themselves?

I don’t necessarily have confidence in myself, but the advice I can give and often get is just to really trust yourself. You have to be able to love yourself and have confidence in yourself, and even though I look like I have confidence in myself, I try to hide my nervousness. My confidence came little by little with the meetings with the elders. Believing in yourself and loving yourself is the most important thing.

9. What are your favorite fashion and beauty brands ?

Personally, I love the brand for shopping. In cosmetics, I love Nisensan, GOLD JAPAN and NYX.

10. Do you have a message for people overseas who are plus-size, interested in plus-size or are not familiar with this category?

I would really like to show overseas and show the beauty of plus-size models in Japan. Fashion is different in every country, and I would like to show that in Japan we can be plus-size and pretty, kawaii and fashionable. We all would love to come to Paris with Glapocha!!!

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