Interview with GLAPOCHA plus-size Mama model Shinomama

Interview with GLAPOCHA plus-size Mama model Shinomama

TSS had the chance to interview many GLAPOCHA Plus Size Models!

Today, let us introduce you to SHINOMAMA, one of the women who wants to share plus-size fashion in Japan with the world. Mom of a 4-year-old daughter, she wants to show that women don’t have to put everything aside once they become moms!

1. First of all, could you introduce yourself?

My name is Shinomama, I’m 46 years old and I have a 4 year old daughter! I do a lot of activities, especially on Instagram, to show that pocchari girls can become cute.

2. Since when are you a plus-size model and how did you become a model?

Before I knew about Glapocha magazine, I went through the same thing as Mayu. I got a little fat after I gave birth and I often thought that no matter what I wanted to wear, I wasn’t fashionable enough. I did some research on fashion and I really liked it. After an illness, I told myself that I had to enjoy my life, and do the things I love. There were a lot of factors in my life at that time, like the fear of the disease or the fear of not being fashionable enough, but I still tried the Glapocha auditions because I wanted to become a model.

3. Is there a difference between curvy and plus-size to you?

For me, everyone can put their personal definition on these terms there. It’s a matter of pride to see yourself according to this or that term. It’s a pretty difficult question…

4. Have you undergone the dictates of thinness in your life?

There are indeed a lot of people who take the liberty of saying that if I lose weight, I will become prettier or remarks like that. None of these people are encouraging us.

5. Have you had any comments about your weight from your parents? As well as from the school environment?

My parents also never made any remarks to me. I was always plump [pocchari], and my classmates would call me fat [debu debu], and tell me that before I finished school, I was going to be over 100 kgs. At that time, I thought that if I lost weight, people would be nice to me. Looking back on that time and what I had to go through, I think I am very happy now with my curves. My parents never gave me any nasty remarks, encouraging me when I lost a little weight and pointing out when I gained it back and saying that I was cute.

6. You are all three moms and models, can you manage both? And what do your daughter think about the fact that you are models?

My husband is very supportive with our daughter. Right now, he is walking around with her so I can do the interview quietly. And like Mayu, my daughter copies my poses and is very understanding when I have to work and can’t play with her.

7. Should there be more representation of mama models for you?

I don’t know about other countries, but in Japan, once you’re a mom, it’s common to put everything aside for your children and your home. That’s why I think it’s important that there are more Mama models, to show another, stronger image of a mom. Even if we have a child, we don’t give up our life.

8. What are the most common stereotypes about plus-size people?

I think it really depends on everyone’s view. For example, some people will say that Watanabe Naomi is pocchari, and others will see her as debu. For many, pocchari are seen as cute.

9. Do you have models or inspiration?

Me too Momoka Ai-san! When we look at Glapocha’s fashion show, I am really amazed.

10. Do you have any advice for girls who would like to be more confident with themselves?

By ignoring others, you have to encourage yourself. If you are young, your world may still be narrow and small, but as your world grows, you will meet new people who will help you love yourself. 

11. What are your favorite fashion and beauty brands?

Me too, Nisensan and GOLD JAPAN for cosmetics! Like Mayu, I also like Korean beauty brands like Innisfree. Unfortunately since I live in the country it’s hard to find my favorite clothing brands, but I also really like Shimamura and Korean brands.

12. Do you have a message for people overseas who are plus-size, interested in plus size or are not familiar with this category?

I have a lot of people from abroad who visit my Instagram profile.  People from Asia can find themselves in us, but I would really like to exchange with the whole world, understand their fashions and show that we exist in Japan. As I myself didn’t know about pocchari fashion two years ago, I want to show people who are pocchari and want to model that it’s possible, and share that to the world.

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