Japanese lolita to follow on social networks!

If you like the lolita style or want to get started, you absolutely have to know these influencers / models!

Misako Aoki

Misako Aoki born June 3, 1983, is a Japanese nurse, model and president of the Japanese Lolita Association for Lolita Fashion. She is represented by Twin Planet. Misako was discovered as a model in Harajuku, Tokyo at the age of 15. While a model for KERA magazine, Misako had the opportunity to wear lolita fashion.

Initially, she was not a big fan of lolita fashion, but by modeling it, her confidence in wearing the fashion grew. Misako entered the Junior College of Nursing and Technology at Tokai University with the intention of practicing nursing. She divides her time between nursing and promoting lolita fashion. This was documented on the Kansai TV show, 7Rules in 2017.

Youtube: 青木美沙子|Misako Aoki

Twitter: aokimisako

Instagram: misakoaoki

Etsuna Otsuka

Born in China, graduated from Tama Art University, Japan. In addition to spreading “kawaii culture” on SNS, she founded an independent individual brand “Etsuna otsukA” in 2011 and was featured in various magazines. In addition, she released a video channel “Tokyo GoGo” which she publishes on weibo, which is gaining popularity.

In 2017, collaboration products with clothing brands Earth Music & Ecology, Subciety, Frunco, etc. will be launched. In 2018, she led workshops in China, Japan and the United States as a designer and talent. Participating in various fashion events and television programs, she is active around the world, mainly in Japan and China.

Instagram: @etsunaotsuka

Site Officiel: www.etsuna-otsuka.com

Youtube: EtsunaChannel

Midori Fukasawa

Gothic & Lolita model, special lecturer Yasuko Ueda at Fashion College. In addition to being active in fashion magazines as a model, she appears in events around the world. Known as the charisma of the Lolita world, she also has a side as a product producer and special speaker, and gains support from a wide range of women.

Line Blog: fukasawamidori

Twitter: fukasawamidori

Instagram: midorifukasawa

Sumire Sato

Sumire Satō is a former Japanese idol formerly associated with girl group AKB48 and later transferred to her sister group SKE48. In 2016, she starred in an action film based on Sanami Suzuki’s manga adaptation of The Little Match Girl. She announced her return to the world of show business in 2019 to pursue a career as a model and fashion designer.

Youtube: すー鷹ふぁみりぃ。

Instagram: sumiresato_official

Webshop : Sumire Sato online shop (base.shop)

She is lie

She started her idol activities in March 2014. After two years of activity and graduation, she will expand her activities as a model, such as appearing as a model in brands and magazines, publishing photo books, organizing photo exhibitions and organize conferences. She has 48.4k followers on instagram!

Youtube: しらい・白羽

Instagram: @she_is_lie

Site officiel: https://she-is-lie.com/

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