Discover colorful and cute fashion with «Sugar Sprinkle», the brand developed by Kurebayashi Haruka and SPINNS!

SNS total number of subscribers: more than 300,000! Harajuku’s main influencer, Kurebayashi Haruka has developed a new clothing brand, Sugar Sprinkle, developed in conjunction with the fashion brand “spins”. Currently, the first brand accepts orders for four items!

Kurebayashi haruka was selected as the first Japanese designer for YouTube NextUp2019, and so far, the videos on hair color and makeup have been played over a million times. In addition, it produced the design of the entrance arch of Harajuku Takeshita Street (appeared in the third episode of the anime “Spell Mawakuri”), and has a wide variety of activities. It also appears in advertisements for well-known companies Toyota and Sony, and is active as a model for MARC Jacob and Kansai Yamaha!

The “spins” is the “attitude makes style!” (Assertions build the style!) The “Style Market” is a concept that continues to provide “style proposals” that value their affirmations, while remaining on the lookout for the trends of the time. As the word “new and vintage style market” says, in addition to the original products that have a unique style, they carry a wide range of products ranging from new products to second-hand products, with a wide selection worldwide.

The range of products is not only fashion, but also a mixture of “youth culture” such as music, art, etc., in a spin style, and is proposed as “lifestyle”It is a place where a variety of youth cultures such as fashion, music, art and people rotate!

Candy Paradise Blouse

A rough shirt with pop illustrations. If you look closely at the illustrations, you will remember your memories. There is no doubt that your personality will develop according to the combination !


JSK (Jumper Skirt) is with a pretty blue sky pattern. There is a cute adjuster to adjust the size to your taste, and five large pockets for easy access to your small items!


A simple T-shirt that gives you a strong role. Writing is his music group called “colorful gangster”, Oyatsu (snack), kei (style).


With these pretty wings, you can fly in the sky with these socks! Elegant and original, show your creativity by matching your socks to your style!

You can now pre-order the products on the official brand website シュガースプリンクル ( !

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