Singer / author / composer you could find her in the Japanese show Nodojiman the world Autumn 2018. Passionate about fashion, especially the Gyaru style, she is the leader of the French gal-unit Gyaransu.

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Recently the Gyaru magazine EGG published on its Youtube channel a new clip called “Make Up”. The exclusive models of gal “egg” magazine, Maami, Momoa and Yu-chami, formed the next-generation HIPHOP group “半熟卵っち” « Soft Boiled Egg », and made its debut on May 1st!

The members

Among the exclusive egg models, the next-generation HIPHOP 半熟卵っち unit is a selection of Maami, Momoa, and Yu-chami, who have a reputation for rap. Maami had already participated in a video on the title TOKYO DRIFT FREESTYLE. The origin of the name of the group is also the origin of the name “EGG”, it was attached with the sense of children in the state of eggs with infinite potential before flying away again in society, and the meaning of an immature person of beginners HIPHOP.

Words that make sense

The first song, “make up”, has lyrics that reflect on the different things that Gal culture created in the 1990s and the feelings of girls living in the past, and it’s content that is emo-friendly for a wide range of women. The Hiphop, which evolved from Shibuya Street Culture in the 1990s, and Shibuya Gal Culture, which was born in 1990, create a new whirlwind in the music industry.

A pre-order merchandising!

The first song “make up” will be distributed on various music distribution services from May 10. And the group’s goodies are also available on the official website of EGG STORE.

The clothes are simple but unisex, caps, caps, t-shirts, sweater… You will have a wide selection of products to support EGG in its new musical project!

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egg models Momoa, Maami and Yu-chami debuted in the gal HIPHOP group “Soft Boiled Egg”