Hello Kitty and Integrate collaborate on the theme of “Meet “LOVELY”! Limited editions and AR filters are available!

Shiseido and his brand “Integrate” will release a collection in collaboration with The character of Sanrio “Hello Kitty” in limited quantities from Friday, May 21, 2021 under the theme of “Meet “LOVELY”. In addition, to commemorate the collaboration, starting Thursday, May 6, on the official Instagram of The Integrated, three types of AR filters that can be a great experience with Hello Kitty will be released.

Hello Kitty, who met the beautiful world with the integrate, and his tiny chums buddies. Each of the eyeshadows and foundation have a special design based on beautiful episodes of Kitty and Tiny Chum.

Eyeshadows !

From left to right of image, Integrated Triple Recipe Eyes K PK704, BR703 / Reference Retail Price: 1650 yen each (taxes included)

With this one, you can usually go out and do makeup freely! Set of 5 eye shadow colors that can change the impression of the eyes with the texture. Two texture change powders that can be selected according to mood are activated to a basic clearing color that is available to the eyes. The popular pink PK704 and BR703 brown color are visible in the limited neighborhood of Hello Kitty!

Integrate Water Jerry Crush Special Set K

Integre Water Jelly Crush Special Set K / Price 2200 yens (taxes include)

A foundation that uses water jelly while scraping it with a mesh. It adapts closely to bare skin and covers pores and irregularities that are close to your heart. It is resistant to sebum and sweat, and continues to have clear and transparent skin. Hello Kitty has made a limited design with a special mirror!

Integrate Pro Finish Foundation Special Set K

Integrate Pro Finish Foundation Special Set K / Price: 1.430 yens (taxes include)

A powdered foundation that achieves fine skin, which does not become thick to firmly cover skin problems. Just by ling the sponge, it naturally covers pores, acne, and uneven color that you don’t like. It gives a professional and transparent finish on the skin!

Integrate Pro Finish Liquid Special Set K

Integrate Pro Finish Liquid Special Set K / Price: 1760 yens (taxes include)

Liquid foundation that ends with a smooth and thin film by applying it quickly with your finger. In order to properly cover pores and uneven color, it fits so that it achieves a fine finish. Limited set with special size “Oshiro”.

Nana Komatsu is used as a model. Meet “LOVELY” expresses itself with a makeup that invites you into a charming world in an instant, decorated with a natural but natural red lip on the skin with a professional finish.

You can have a great experience with Hello Kitty! 3 types of AR filters

In Instagram , they have released three types of AR filters that allow you to enjoy the beautiful worldview of the integrated and Hello Kitty. If you have experience with AR filters, please put the hashtag #インテとキティが出会ったら

Hello Kitty and Yoshida Akari in a video!

A special video has been released on the official channel of SANRIO! Yoshida Akari can be seen with Hello Kitty. If you follow the trends there are a lot of makeup videos on youtube then Hello Kitty wanted to try it!

“If you watch the videos of other YouTubers, everyone makes “makeup videos” It’s amazing! interesting! Kitty wants to try it too! But Kitty is not used to wearing makeup. Yoshida Akari, a beauty video creator, came to my aid. So this time Hello kitty is going to get started! I tried a makeup video!
what?! Basic makeup can be done in 30 seconds!?
Eye makeup can be done in 60 seconds with both eyes!?
It’s nice to feel beautiful with pleasure!
Cosmetics are magical and makes you happy!
Everyone should try it!
Meet “LOVELY” ♡

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