Misako Aoki partners with Maison de FLEUR for an exclusive collection!

Maison de FLEUR recently announced a new exclusive collection in collaboration with the queen of Lolita: Misako Aoki! The brand promises us a lolita collection, bag, dress … with lots of ribbons and accessories!

Sac Boston ruban cadeau / 6 919 yens (taxes includes)

A first collaboration !

The “Maison de FLEUR” brand developed by Stripe International will market items in collaboration with Misako Aoki, active as a Lolita model, from June 19, 2021 (Saturday).

While working as a nurse, Misako Aoki is active in many fields, most notably as a Lolita model and president of the Japan Lolita Association. She has been using Maison de FLEUR for a long time and has participated in branded events, so her first collaboration project has been realized !!

Bag M / 6 589 yens (taxes includes)


Three types of bags are available with ribbons as a key, on the theme “a design that makes you feel happy like you are surrounded by many ribbons and have a gift everyday”. Inspired by the fact that a light, high-capacity bag is essential for a Lolita with a lot of luggage, the Boston bag features a gift-like design that is wrapped in ribbon.

Round Bag / 10 780 yens (taxes includes)

In addition, the brand has developed a ruffle handle tote bag with the initial Aoki “M” name of Misako as the ribbon, and a shoulder bag with an impressive large ribbon. In addition to trendy lavender, its iconic colors pink, easy-to-use black and red are selected.

Sweet dress !

dress vichy / 21 890 yens (taxes includes)
Flowers dress / 21 890 yens (taxes includes)

The two-type dress on the theme “being cute as a princess” has an exceptional appearance effect. The classic floral dress with elegant floral pattern and dull color adds femininity with gathers and ruffles. The gingham check dress, which features a sailor color, is decorated with lace and ribbons for a cute design.

Why not add a collaborative item that matches Misako Aoki and Maison de FLEUR’s worldview to your wardrobe?

Comment from Misako Aoki

“The bag is wrapped in lots of ribbons and designed to make you feel happy like you are holding a gift every day! There are two types of dresses, a gingham check that you will want to wear in the summer and a classic, elegant dress. two can be worn lightly with one piece, aiming for a design that makes you cute like a princess. Hope many people pick it up! “

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