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The famous Japanese brand DOLLY WINK created by Tsubasa Masuwaka, has announced a new collection of false eyelashes on these social networks!

“Easy to put on at home, natural finish of false eyelashes. [DOLLY WINK SALON EYE LASH] You can choose your favorite false eyelashes from the images of 12 kinds of animals according to the” cute “you want to be.”

It will be on pre-order on Saturday June 5 in select stores and then on June 24. Koji Honpo’s official mail order sale is scheduled to go on sale around 10:00 a.m. on June 21 (Monday).

A living room finish that’s easy to put on at home, in just 10 seconds!

If you apply the adhesive quickly, the false eyelash application will be finished in just 10 seconds, and you will be able to enjoy a new look with ultra-fine hair that looks like false eyelashes for every day. The collection called “DOLLY WINK SALON EYE LASH” will feature natural false eyelashes that even beginners can use!

MESSAGE from Tsubasa Masuwaka

“Salon quality that can be easily put on at home. 10 seconds of false eyelashes + <DOLLY WINK SALON EYE LASH>

I worked on the finish to have real false eyelashes. I really want people who think false eyelashes are flashy and hard to use to be able to change their minds and think they are genuine, surprisingly natural and clean eyelashes! Unique animals are the landmarks of the range of 12 species. Like these animals, we have expressed that various “cuties” can be achieved. Whether you pay special attention to eye makeup or want to try out some new eyelash makeup I hope you enjoy your own “cute” experience! “

Masuwaka Tsubasa brand producer

The promises of the brand on DOLLY WINK SALON EYE LASH !!

Even beginners can easily put on professional looking eyelashes at home in 10 seconds. With a natural finish!

  • The soft shaft makes it easy for beginners to put on! And quick to put on!
  • Familiarize yourself with your own eyelashes Everyday false eyelashes with ultra fine hair Finished as freshly put on.
  • Forget what you are wearing! With ultra-light and less bulky eyelashes. They are pleasant to wear on the eyes.
  • It can be used repeatedly! Even if you take it off you will keep a nice shape.

With 12 kinds of animals, you can express the “cute” you want to be. By drawing unique animals on the packaging, this collection expresses that various “cuties” can be achieved. Intuitively create different make-up with your favorite image depending on the individuality of the animal you can choose!

How to wear false eyelashes?

1.Gently remove the eyelashes from the base. Apply glue to the root.

2.Close your eye a little to lay the false eyelash along your lashes, following the shape of your eye.

3. Put according to your preferences and you’re done!

A video has also been posted on the official website of Dolly Wink with these explanations

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“Dolly Wink Salon EYE LASH” A new collection of false eyelashes arrives at Dolly Wink!