KINGLYMASK collaborates with the manga NANA for a limited and exclusive collection!

If you like manga, you must know the manga or NANA anime of Ai Yazawa!

NANA’s Story

Nana Komatsu, a young student, decides to leave her hometown to join her boyfriend Shōji, who is studying at an art school in Tokyo.
On the train to the capital, Nana Komatsu finds herself next to Nana Osaki, a young girl who also travels to Tokyo to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional singer, like her boyfriend Ren, the guitarist of the popular band “Trapnest”.

The two girls sharing the same name will quickly become friends although completely different. Their paths will cross as they seek to settle in Tokyo and eventually decide to live in the same apartment in order to support each other in their love and work.

A successful manga with a musically speaking anime!

The manga later evolved into an anime and revealed singers like Anna Tsuchiya who represented NANA of the Black Stones and Olivia Lufkin who represented Reira de Trapnest!

With the help of essential fashion references such as Vivienne Westwood, fashion is embodied in several forms in Nana. We find her through the two protagonists, one stylish punk and the other “Shibuya girl” in the current great Japanese trend. Fashion is also present in the world of music, a field of appearance for some and provocation for others.

Anna Tsuchiya

Olivia Lufkin

Message from the brand:

“I made you wait! Thank you very much for your request!
Finally, the long-awaited NANA × KINGLYMASK COLLABORATION has arrived!

The long-sleeved sweatshirt is fashionable right now and it can be worn with all types of styles and clothes!

These sweaters are unisex and can go as much to a girl as to a boy!

Based on the original of Ai Yazawa, a successful comic strip,
with « NANA »
It’s a limited collection so hurry up and order the items in this new collection!”

Sweaters with Black Stones et Trapnest !

5 Sweaters were unveiled, 4 black sweaters and 1 white. You can find the bands Black Stones and Trapnest printed, one of the sweaters (White) is with the bassist of Black Stones Shinichi a character very appreciated by fans of the manga. Shin is a secret young boy who hides a mysterious past. Today, although he earns his living in a very strange way, he is nonetheless a key member of the band Blast, of which he is the bassist.

A black sweater with the band Black Stones and Hachiko added will also be on sale! Unique and unisex you can wear this sweater with any style!

Tote bag !

Pretty tote bags will be sold with a small ribbon with the name of the band Black Stones or Trapnest. You can go shopping while supporting your favorite music group!

Interested in this new collection? Tokyo Street Style has heard you! The products are available on our official shop!

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