Singer / author / composer you could find her in the Japanese show Nodojiman the world Autumn 2018. Passionate about fashion, especially the Gyaru style, she is the leader of the French gal-unit Gyaransu.

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Clothes will be released for the first time in collaboration with “CECIL McBEE” and “GALS!!” (a manga about the gyaru style)! Items of collaboration with CECIL McBEE will be on sale on the EC website and IMADA MARKET in the 1st basement of the SHIBUYA109 Shibuya store.

Mami Honda, who became the manager of CECIL McBEE Shibuya store, appears in the latest episode of “GALS!!” delivered on June 29 (Tuesday). Tomu Ranju, Miyu Yamasaki and Aya Hoshino, who rushed to support her, will be coordinated with new items this season to animate the store. The design of the new article is doubly supervised by CECIL McBEE and Mihona Fujii, the author of “GALS!!”.

In addition, they will also develop two types of T-shirts of different sizes that are easy to use, using frames and lines of cartoons, and a tote bag with the nostalgic CECIL McBEE logo printed on it as elements of collaboration.

Mihona Fujii, the author of GALS! fan of the brand!:

“My love for CECIL McBEE is great! In an interview with SHIBUYA109 in 2019, I was asked “Which brand do you like best?” And said “I love cecil McBee the best!” I purchased CECIL McBEE’s clothing in the late 1990s, and from there until 2020, I was indebted to CECIL McBEE’s clothing. I always found clothes that suited me, and the clerk taught me the technical terms of the clothes, thought about coordination together and had a lot of fun conversations.

It’s still a dream to collaborate with CECIL McBEE, who is full of such memories, in 2021, and I’m thrilled it was worth sticking to CECIL’s love!! Please enjoy the dream collaboration of GALS!! and CECIL McBEE!! In addition to collaboration items, we will also begin accepting orders for various convenient products such as illustration postcards and “GALS!” cups.
« GALS !! » x collaboration CECIL McBEE

Where to get the collection?

The products will be available from 29 June 2021,
Place of sale: SHIBUYA109 Shibuya store B1F IMADA MARKET
Processing period: July 9 (Friday) to July 18 (Sunday), 2021


If you buy a total of 16,500 yen (taxes included) or more, you will receive a charger or mirror, and if you buy a total of 5,500 yen (taxes included) or more, you will receive two ballpoint pens.
In addition, customers who purchase collaboration items receive cecil McBEE buyer’s products on a first-come, first-served basis.

Since the number is limited, it will be possible for stocks to be permanently exhausted.

GALS !! × CECIL McBEE Collection !

A combination like Ran!

Price: 13 200 yens (taxes includes)

Mihona Fujii: “The leopard setup is perfect, and can be worn in cool and gal styles! When you insert the tank top, it becomes an all-in-one style. You can wear it every day!”

Dress like Miyu !

Price: 13 200 yens (taxes includes)

The tunic dress, which features a material of soft chiffon and feminine lace, is an item that can be dressed with a ribbon at the waist.
The chest is a V-lace that makes the neckline beautiful. An item that can be worn as a tunic with a one-piece style or pants.

“The refreshing and soft mint green tunic dress is perfect for Miyu’s image! You can wear it as a girly dress alone or casually with pants ♪ Mint color goes well with chocolate and vanilla colors in addition to white and denim, so jeans, hats, boots, sneakers, etc. Have fun in combination with!”

Aya Hoshino Striped Dress

Price: 13 200 yens (taxes includes)

A striped shirt dress with a cool color!

“The pale blue and striped dress matches Aya’s image with a cute and refreshing feel ♪ The skirt spreads gently and is cute when you walk. It’s a useful dress that’s OK for work, dates and casual clothing! It’s fun to wear it in a conservative style with a jacket or cardigan, or casually with a denim jacket and sneakers ♪”

Honda Mami All-in-One Floral Model

Price: 13 200 yens (taxes includes)

The all-in-one floral element can be coordinated with a single piece. Femininity with a subdued floral pattern and subtle frills on the shoulders.
“It is an all-in-one floral print that has both beauty and freshness, just like the image of Mamirin! The frills on the shoulders, a moderate volume and the ribbon belt will enhance your style ♪ The design is perfect for dates and shopping outings. In autumn we recommend the sweet and spicy MIX with a dark jacket!”

GALS !! × T-shirt CECIL McBEE

Price: 6 050 yens (taxes includes)

T-shirt printed on the back with high impact!
The large size T-shirt can be worn for a casual style! It will be possible to wear it with flared pants or a skirt.

GALS !! × T-shirt CECIL McBEE

Price: 4 950 yens (taxes includes)

Must for fans! Printed with the quote from the work of “GALS!”. The simple design makes it perfect for pairing with colored backgrounds. Good to wear in monotonous and chic.


Price: 3 850 yens (taxes includes)

The ivory-colored tote bag that is easy to match with the clothes has the logo prints “GALS!!” and “CECIL McBEE”.
The size that corresponds to size A4.

Mini photo frame holder

Price: 1 package (1 piece) 880 yen (taxes includes) / 1 BOX (10 packages) 8,800 yen (taxes includes)
10 types in total

Notebook available in 2 types

Price : 3 850 yens (taxes includes)

Postcards -2 types in total-

Price: 660 yens (taxes includes)

Mouse pads

Price: 1 650 yens (taxes includes)


Price: 1 650 yens (taxes includes)


Price: 1 760 yens (taxes includes)

This new collection will be available in our shop Tokyo Street Style ! So be READY !

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The brand CECIL MCBEE collaborates with the manga GALS!