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We had already introduced you to the new HIPHOP music group of models from Egg “Soft Boiled Egg” in our article right here !

Recently the band released a cover in Japanese of the hit song of the rapper Doja cat “Kiss Me More feat SZA”, we can see momoa, YU-chami and eripi!

Doja Cat on the cover for the web magazine EGG!

The collaboration between Doja Cat and “egg” began with the web cover of the July issue of “egg”, and as soon as the visual was lifted this was the big topic of the moment. And the American rapper was once again a model for the cover of the next!

The legendary gal magazine “EGG” has continued to transmit a number of LAG crops that were missed and abandoned in 2014. In 2018, it was relaunched as an “egg” web version centered on YouTube and SNS, and from the following year it is reissued twice a year. It can be said that it is one of the most fashionable magazines now that will be re-attracted by many media in 2021.

A japanese-style softened recovery!

The Japanese cover of Doja Cat’s song was covered by Momoa, YU-chami, and new member Eripi, and production took place with rapper singer-songwriter ASOBOiSM, who attracted attention as a producer, and she was in charge of Japanese lyrics and rap direction. It is a new expression of the charm of music in the form of a Japanese cover.

ASOBOiSM commented on the Japanese cover: “I heard that Doja Cat loves Japanese gal culture, so I was very honored and happy when I heard about the lyrics! Recording with the models from Egg was also fun after school, and I thought the power gal was the best again! I would be happy if everyone in question and many people could enjoy it. Lyrics that sang nakedly against the sexy image of the original song are also likely to resonate with girls’ views of love.

The music video is from ISSEI, who not only works on a number of videos as a filmmaker, but also works as a beat maker and artist himself. It’s a job where you can feel the new generation of gal culture with the appearance of EGG models that show their colorful and mesmerizing rap.

Doja Cat love Japanaese Fashion !

Doja Cat released her long-awaited new album Planet Her on June 25, and only two days later, a deluxe version with a total of five songs, including four new songs, was also released as a surprise. On the day of its release, a music video for “You Light”, a collaboration with The Weekend, and then released performance footage of the two songs on the album, and the content was released one after the other when they can’t play or tour, and received a great response worldwide!

Doja Cat has visited Japan in the past and expressed her interest in Japanese anime and Harajuku culture privately on SNS. Among them, the influence of Harajuku’s gal culture was enormous, and the makeup method inspired by shibuya and harajuku’s daughters was clarified in interviews. On the egg magazine side, it is also planned that “Egg” models will try the fashion and makeup of Doja Cat.

Model Kireii also launches into music for a solo career

On August 6th, the exclusive model of the Egg Magazine “Kireiipu” Suzuki will make her debut as a singer on her first album “KI・RE・1”! Do you remember Kireii? We had the chance to interview her for Tokyo Street Style in an exclusive article right here!

His first album, “KI, RE, 1”, includes three songs “Nobody, Time Leap, Compass”. The lyrics are written by Kireii herself. Original T-shirts commemorating the beginnings are now available for pre-order. The debut album KI, RE, 1 will be available on various music distribution services on August 6.

A message from Kireii:

“Music was what I wanted to do now so that I could be 20 years old without regrets. I called people and we formed a team to accomplish this project and the song was not good, but I loved ahah! And then for a year I worked very hard! I think I was able to express a new Suzuki Kireii based on my favorite oldies, I created an amazing team!”

A first vidéo in her Youtuber Channel !

You can now subscribe to Kireii’s first youtube channel by following this link.

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A musical year 2021 for Egg models