Singer / author / composer you could find her in the Japanese show Nodojiman the world Autumn 2018. Passionate about fashion, especially the Gyaru style, she is the leader of the French gal-unit Gyaransu.

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A new cosmetics brand was born in Japan, called “Parallel” it was produced by Usatani Paisen (うさたにパイセン) 🐇.

Who is Usatani Paisen ?

“Beauty gal YouTuber” who woke up in Gyaru in the second year of primary school!
From the age of 17, she started working as an exclusive model “Ranzuki” “Sayaka Iwamoto”, served as unique covers in “ageha” and “LOVEggg”, and currently appears in many magazines such as “ageha” and “up PLUS”.

In addition, as a beauty YouTuber “Usatani Paisen”, she plans and edits herself, and actively distributes.
The total number of views exceeded 100 million and the maximum number of views exceeds 4.7 million, attracting the support of people particularly troubled by the complexes.

Among them, makeup techniques and diet methods that even beginners can understand attract attention, and lectures are held as special speakers, and she is active as a multi-31 anime cosplayer.

She has been active under the motto “Gals in the world”, such as her dream as a primary school student and her appointment as an “Akaka Fukushima Tourism Exchange Ambassador” in Fukushima Prefecture, and the publication of her book “Live flashyly to die eventually”.


Parallel is a cosmetic brand that was created as a result of Usatani complexes, with these skin problems, she began to worry a lot and suffered from it. The goal of the brand is to develop cosmetics that will be the last resort and the final weapon of people who have used various cosmetics so far.

“It is a parallel wish to become the light of people of all ages and genders and people with various skin complexes. I would be happy if this would be an opportunity to solve their problems.”

The first products:

Stick !

Stick type, there are 3 colors that can be selected according to your complexion.
It is easy to apply to small places such as the eyes, mouth and side of the nose, and convenient for makeup retouching as it does not take up space in the bag!

Ingredients of plant origin

Formulated with several beauty ingredients and contains ingredients of plant origin while covering skin problems the stick will protect your precious skin from dryness.

A creamy texture

Even if the coverage is high the texture is moist and smooth. It stretches evenly and covers the parts well with care.

Message from Usatani:

“I suffered a lot from my rough skin, I said to myself ‘I want to hide… I don’t want to be rough… I want to heal… »
So I decided to work on a product that could be used by men and women of all ages who undergo the same complex as me by learning about specific ingredients to help them correct this daily worries with peace of mind.

If there is a skin problem, it is true that it is embarrassing to wear makeup and be fashionable,
I hope that this proofreader will be the light of hope for such people.

Let’s hide the place of complex and keep moving forward with a positive smile!”

Official Website

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Youtuber/model Usatani Paisen releases her cosmetics brand “Parallel”