Singer / author / composer you could find her in the Japanese show Nodojiman the world Autumn 2018. Passionate about fashion, especially the Gyaru style, she is the leader of the French gal-unit Gyaransu.

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In commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the Japanese fashion brand Rienda (リエンダ) developed by Baroque Japan Limited Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hiroyuki Murai). The items in the M•A•C holiday collection are now the special novelty of rienda ♡!

M.A.C (Make-up Art Cosmetics) is a cosmetics brand founded in 1985 in Toronto, Canada and headquartered in New York, USA. It is a very fashionable brand with Japanese who want to make makeup as in Western countries, we can often see products of the brand used for tutorials in Japanese magazines (such as Egg, Ageha or other).

The first series started on November 3, 2021 (Wednesday) in all rienda stores and on the WEB STORE!

Check out “Now You See Extra Dimension Eye Kit: Golden”, a makeup kit specially designed for your eyes, this pack will be available to customers who buy more than ¥44,000!

One item per person and its number is limited! The contents of the kit is a set of 5 products: 2 eyeshadows, 1 mascara, 1 eyeliner and a pouch.


Expressing such a sensual design that makes femininity with an adult edge and attracts people with luster –

~The beauty of being yourself is essential~

Rienda is one of the Japanese clothing brands to know if you are a fashion victim! Identified a few years ago as THE “Onee gyaru” style (Onee: Big sister in Japanese, it is sort of a more mature phase of the rebellious Gyaru that we know, we can even say the evolved phase of the gyaru. The gyaru once they become an adult want to enter active life and adapt a little more to society, while keeping a few clues (colors, accessories, false eyelashes and more natural makeup but Gyaru remains) to show their originality, they do it often to be able to find a job more easily.) With time and the new Reiwa era in Japan, the brand has become a little more casual.

Very inspired by the fashion of foreign countries for us as non Japanese the brand has become a little more basic compared to what we were used to before, but for the Japanese Rienda remains the brand always at the forefront of fashion and very trend in magazines of the land of the rising sun!

Evolution of Rienda:

Heisei Era

Reiwa Era


The saleswomen in the shops in Tower 109 have a very specific name: the Rienda Girls!

The sexy team “rienda girls” born from the popular brand of the 109 series “rienda”, which leads the second charismatic boom of store workers! While working at the “rienda” store, the “rienda girls” appear on television and in magazines as an advertising tower for the brand and deliver the charm of the brand. The number of female fans who sympathize with the trends and the life-size words they send is growing rapidly. Many fans visit the store for the saleswomen.

rienda WEB STORE:
rienda Instagram:@rienda_official
rienda Twitter:@_rienda
rienda Facebook:@rienda.official 

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The rienda novelties present exclusive holiday collections with M.A.C.