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In October 2020, the clothing brand “LANI.COCO” (Ranicoco) was born. It is popular among young people in their late teens and at 20, regardless of gender, such as women’s items that show healthy skin, vaguely rough sweat items, men’s and unisex items, etc.

8467 is a talented young model that you could see as an exclusive NUTS model as the slogan of “the charismatic girl of the third generation”. She became known through ABEMA’s love reality show “今日、好きになりました”, and is also popular on SNS such as Instagram and TikTok. And she made her acting debut in the popular drama “Gal and Dinosaur.”

Presentation of the brand Lani.coco

LANI (angel) is the existence that transmits your wish to God.
A brand that can lead you to your “who you want to be” and achieve it.
COCONUT… It’s an unexpected gift.

“I want to help myself be myself, enjoy fashion and make myself shine more.
It is comfortable, and you can feel joy,
We suggest items that will be a “gift” in your fashion.”


An overview

This first T-shirt worn by 8467 is “LANI. COCO T-shirt logo“. It is a simple French sleeve t-shirt with the brand logo printed on a white t-shirt. While it is a casual t-shirt, the French round sleeves create femininity. It has a good texture and is perfect for the upcoming season. It’s cute even if you wear it with a swimsuit.

What 8467 wears in the second photo is “LANI. COCO back photo T-shirt”. This is an original T-shirt printed with a photograph that 8467 herself took at the destination of the trip. The gradation at sunset is a beautiful impression, and I think it is perfect even in summer. It is an item that can be worn as unisex in the T-shirt of use 100% cotton USA.

TWIN outfits are also cute! Twin string sets are also sold, so it seems fun to wear them with couples and friends. The color is available in two colors of brown and beige.

There are not only clothes you can also find accessories!

An audition for regular models

The clothing brand “LANI. COCO” will hold the first regular audition of models to commemorate its first anniversary.

In preparation for the hearing, 8467 said: “Thank you for always supporting LANI. COCONUT. Thanks to all of them, we were able to celebrate our first anniversary safely. Thank you all very much! We will organize the first regular model audition so that more people can get to know LANI. COCO from now on. I would like everyone to animate LANI more. COCONUT. We look forward to receiving many applications”

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The model of the nuts magazine “8467”, celebrates the first anniversary of its brand “LANI. COCO” with a model audition!