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EATME is the brand of the model well known to the general public, Tsubasa Masuwaka. Directly created from the universe dear to its creator, namely Alice in Wonderland, with however an extremely mature management, this brand plays on the subtly sexy achievements of certain pieces for a very worked style, while being successful in stay cute. Recently Tsubasa Masuwaka updated her Instagram on December 30, 2021. And announced that she will be stepping down as director of the clothing brand EATME, a brand for which she has been working for 8 years!

In my late twenties, it was strange for many years that I wasn’t allowed to wear what I loved growing up. I wondered why I had to give up and switch genders even though there are people who love candy and people who love lace no matter how many times they get it which has been the reason why I launched EATME

A new future for EATME

“People who literally translate the brand name often get angry because the brand name is vulgar.” In EATME it’s the feeling of the clothes.”

As I pass my life, I put on (eat) EATME, I absorb it, I make it my own, and I put it on with the desire to lead a more confident life

I think it’s a brand loved by a lot of people, so I want everyone on the team to keep the balance between the worldview of EATME and the grown-up and sweetness. I am happy to hear from many fans, people who have been involved with the event and colleagues in the apparel industry since the announcement. A lot of people got involved and helped me. And everyone fought so hard! Whenever I do something new I am always asked for results, and I think there are times when I am turned down and I lose confidence. But if you know what you want to do, I’m sure there will be plenty of friends who will help and sympathize with you someday! ️ It’s hard to be different from other people and try new things, but I think it’s important to keep going, so let’s enjoy life! ☺️✨✨ (Because it’s important to decide and stop if it’s hard).

It’s completely undecided at the moment, but I’ll let you know if there’s any new work or movement! If you have any questions about what you’d like us to do, feel free to leave a comment! Thank you for using EATME! We look forward to your new EATME in the future✨✝️

A youtube video

“EATME has become popular year by year, and now I think it is a brand that can now be opened in Osaka and Nagoya in addition to the Harajuku store, and will continue to grow in the future,” he said. she declared, predicting the future “EATME”, “For this reason, I thought it was my role to leave the rest to everyone and to resign”.

“I wondered why I had to give up my style and change my style even though there were people out there who loved candy, no matter what my age, and why I had to change it, which was why I started EATME, ”said Masuwaka, who wrote about his thoughts during the establishment’s time.

So don’t worry, she’s not stopping the brand, she’s no longer a director just to manage the magazine “Pêche” EATME has found its line and therefore no longer needs its supervision.

Fans commented on this post, “Thank you for your cute clothes”, “Thank you for your hard work for 8 years”, and “Tsu-chan’s way of thinking is wonderful”.

L’équipe de Tokyo Street Style lui souhaite une bonne continuation et nous avons hâte de voir ces futurs projets !!!

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Tsubasa Masuwaka announces his resignation as “EATME” brand manager