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Today we will talk about an unusual news from Japan:
First of all, you know that the center of Tokyo and its neighboring cities are very popular for their cafes with unique themes!

Well today, I will introduce the opposite of this: the Naturalia cafe that has been gaining visibility because it is focused on hiring only Japanese girls who like or accept living a natural life as well as natural.

Let me explain:

This establishment is aimed at valuing the naturalness of each person against the dictatorship of unique and perfect beauty. Their employees can only be hired if they did not work in nightclubs or nightclubs, can not use makeup, hair dye and do not do the nails with a manicure or in its most real and pure form as possible!

Naturalia cafe has been so successful that it has opened its branch in the Tokyo district and the first cafe is in Sapporo, Hokkaido which opened its doors in 2015.

Coffee employees receive on average $ 12 per hour, plus they also may not have “overly dyed outer hairpassed by manicures” in addition to abstaining from makeup.

The Naturalia wants to value its natural beauty without artifice as many establishes oblige (this is good because thus you will have a few more hours of sleep because there is no need to make-up before getting to work) and know of a curiosity of this establishment :
Naturalia started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for its establishment in Shibuya and the support for the new Shibuya coffee was immediate, with its online crowdfunding page raising 955,000 yen ($ 8,578) in funds with six days remaining in the campaign, reaching more than its initial goal of 500,000 yen by 191%.

And of course the taxpayers received a kind of toast to contribute, they could enjoy special commemorative party nights, all branded drinks and strips in exchange for their

Do you like this way of defending your beauty? Then it is worth knowing the Naturalia and do not forget if you liked this article to natural let your enjoy or share with your friends.

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