Studio Ghibli no Anofuku (ス タ オ ブ ブ リ あ あ あ 服 服 服 服) is a new collaboration launched by Anofuku and the studio Ghibli from the 15th September until 31th October 2017.

This collection, although a little childish, is also addressed to adults who wish to wear everyday clothes with a small touch recalling the greatest successes of the movies from studio Ghibli.

Shirts, trousers, pullovers or even dress, a whole range, from head to toe, has been designed for everyday life for a budget ranging from 6,000 to 40,000 ¥ according to the clothing models.
Anofuku is a project established by two Japanese designers who want to highlight the creation of handmade clothes.

A launch video was even created to launch the collaboration!




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