Halloween is a special time for everyone – even villains! Disney has brought us amazing merch featuring all of our favorite baddies. Let’s see what they have in store for us this year!

【Ursula Trinket Box】2,900 (excluding tax)
It’s a beautiful perfume-shaped box in the shape of the evil Sea Witch Ursula from the Little Mermaid. The knob at the top looks like her wild hair with tentacles at the base. It even has her magical conch shell which she used to capture Ariel’s voice! It will be a beautiful accent to any area!

【Maleficent Accessory Stand】3,900 (excluding tax)
A stand dressed up like the dark queen from Sleeping Beauty. Made with real fabric in her likeness, it even features her headdress on the front. A large floral corsage gives it a feminine and gorgeous finish.

【Queen of Hearts Ring Holder】3,900 (excluding tax)
Dress up any area with this shoe fit for a queen. The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland demands it! It’s adorned with a replica of her crown, faux fur and of course cards and roses.

【Disney Villains Backpack】4,900 (excluding tax)
This adorable bag also brings in Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmations and Captain Hook from Peter Pan! Each embossed hat represents each villain in a beautiful detail. The look is completed with diamond-shaped studs.

Alice in Wonderland 2018

Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favorite stories. This collection features Alice as she travels through Wonderland and everyone she met along the way.

【Trinket Box】2,600 (excluding tax)
Shaped like a treasure chest, it’s fully designed with references to all of Alice’s adventures. It includes all of the flowers, a teacup, the White Rabbit’s pocket watch and even Doorknob. Every time you look at it, there’s more to discover!

【Tote Bag】3,500 (excluding tax)
Made with good quality faux leather, this tote references Alice falling down the rabbit hole and seeing all of the strange things around her. The words are actually a quote from the story and even glow in the dark!

【Magic Lip Gloss Alice】1,400 (excluding tax)
A real magical item. This gloss goes on clear but when you shine a black light on it, the true neon pink color comes out!

【Cushion】3,300 (excluding tax)
This fun double-sided cushion is a must-have for any fan! On one side, you see the face of the playful Cheshire Cat. The other shows Alice and some of the other characters floating against the black background. Which side reflects your mood for the day?

Mickey and the Gang Pumpkins

Can’t celebrate without Mickey and friends!

【Mickey Pumpkin】2,500 (excluding tax)
Wearing a witch’s hat, Mickey pops out of a pumpkin to cast a spell on you!

【Donald Pumpkin】2,500 (excluding tax)
Donald looks like he’s been up to tricks again. But you can’t help but love that adorable mischievous face.

Check out the official Disney Store website to purchase and see the rest of the collection!

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