21-year-old Japanese model and DJ, Aris Mukaide, was a director of a pop-up store for the brand surreARIS for their 2019 Spring and Summer collection. With the theme of mode and fantasy and rock music, it’s for all the music and fashion lovers out there.

Aris has appeared in various music videos by different artists and has earned the title “MV actress”. It’s with this passion for music that influenced the creation of this line. The collection features men’s and unisex clothing and was launched for a very limited time from March 5th to March 11th in Laforet Harajuku.

“i don’t want to wear something to hide the parts of me i’m not confident in. i want to wear something and walk on even if i show those parts. i want to make a brand that will change the way i look at each day.”

<Men’s>【Gunclub Checker Shirt】9,720円 (tax included)
This collar shirt comes in neutral colors with a subtle checker pattern and is part of the Men’s collection.

<Unisex>【High Neck Top】8,100円 (tax included)
A simple black turtleneck sweater that can be used by both men and women.

<Unisex>【Zipper Big Hoodie】12,420円 (tax included)
This over-sized hoodie is perfect for the bit of time between winter and spring where it’s not too warm but it’s not freezing either.

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