Tokyo Skytree is the tallest structure in Japan and it is common knowledge that there are some unbeatable views from the top. But did you know that on the fourth floor of this iconic tower you can now enjoy the ultimate Card Captor Sakura experience with all of Kero-chan’s favourite food!

There is no shortage of themed cafes in Japan, where every detailed is catered to – and this café is no exception. From the dishes itself to the decorations and even the table tops, you can immerse yourself in the world of Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Edition like never before!

Kero’s favourites, which include takoyaki, modern grill, pancakes and puddings are featured on the menu, all with an adorable Kero theme.

Drinks are on the menu too, with rainbow tapioca clear soda which includes a souvenir glass jar. Other souvenirs include two different plate sizes and a souvenir lunch box.

The menu ranges from ¥800 to ¥2,580 excluding tax.

And if that wasn’t enough, to round off your experience you can also purchase merchandise like the Kerochan Café exclusive tote bag, coasters or original stickers.

Tokyo Skytree is a hard landmark to miss, so make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience one of the cutest cafes to land in Tokyo this year!

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