The “Twin Look” has been around for some time in the Japanese fashion scene. It is easy to spot in the crowds of the streets, on couples of friends with similar coordinates. Looks that are cute as a button, and exude the bond with your bestie in a fashion-forward way. Even retailers like WEGO, may come up with some color variations in order to not make identical and same-themed accessories. Here some examples:


The trend goes full-fledged glam with the last feature of Vogue Japan, with a shooting along with a fashion movie featuring 6 pairs of trendy twin models while performing a lot of twins coordinates. These include the best Tokyo pop fashion icons such as the popular set of twins Amiaya; Mio and Yae, two twin sisters that star in several commercials; and Maika and Yuika Hiura, who are also in the spotlight for being sportswomen who complete full marathons, among others.

Signed by Jiro Konami, an ambitious photographer based in New York who illustrates the Vogue “twin look” with a pop-style, kitsch world view with Japan as its setting.

While AMIAYA is working in some new music and visuals, the music company of ASOBISYSTEM (Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) is looking for new talents to celebrate his anniversary. How about applying with your bestie in a cute Twin Style

Get Inspired while listening their hit MAGIC COLOR.

Jiro Konami , ASOBISYSTEM, Far Eastern Tribe Records, a division of UNIVERSAL MUSIC LLC.

Find more in VOGUE JAPAN May 2018.

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