No matter the category of style, who has never been impressed by the effort put into details by Tokyo girls? Make-up, hair style, clothes, nails. Their reputation is not to be done. But recently, they seem to have turned to an aesthetic that is a lot more natural. Simple trend or true evolution?

I remember my first time in the capital and all the questions that kept popping into my mind as I wandered through Tokyo’s malls and various shops, especially in Shibuya, Harajuku and Omotesando. “How much time do they take in the morning to get ready?”, “Why do they look so perfect and fresh even after hours of hard work?”, “What is their secret?”. Dyed hair, perfect curls, very elaborated make-up, contact lenses, fake eyelashes and nails, on point… An era when the gyaru exuberance was the top, when “too-much” was a plus.

The recent hecatomb of several emblematic gyaru magazines announcing their end of publication, we may wonder if that was not the natural and logical consequence of a more global tendency of the “back to natural”, which started affected not only the fashion industry.
The great earthquake of March 11, 2011 and all the aftermaths that followed it, added with a context of economic crisis, may have caused a strong impact on Japanese society as a whole. Such a context indeed brings its lot of question. Despite a decreasing birth rate, we could notice a boom in marriages after March 2011 and the following years as well as in pregnant woman! Japanese people certainly want to look on the birth side and enjoy their lives more than before and try to avoid thinking too much about all the negativity around them that frequent little earthquake keep remind them of. No wonder why positive music such as idols or pop music (or even K-pop), humorists, yuru-chara (mascots such as Kumamon ou Funashi), light movies, and entertainment as a whole, are so popular and overflowing right now in Japan. The last past years, there was a democratization of the world of Japanese manga and anime, no longer associated with a nerd/geek/akihabara image, because they also bring an escape from everyday lives.
Japanese people have had a recent tendency to return to more fundamental and simple values in their daily lives. It is very crucial to understand the social context to understand better a trend that seems massive. However, Japanese girls have no intention of become lazy at all, on the contrary, to achieve a “natural” look, it actually takes some work!



– Back to brown and black

It’s been two/three years already that the popular trend-leading models have started getting rid of their bleached blond hair and vivid brown to go for darker shades of brown and even black sometimes! The movement is especially big since 2014 with a growing number of other models and celebrities such as Sara Mari or Sayoko Ozaki abandoning their legendary blond for a more natural hair color. Magazines too, following the trend, started preaching this comeback to Japanese “roots” and offer precious tips on how to style your black hair to stay original. The hair is more natural, yes, but the natural effect is actually worked on every morning to give volume, a cute a bed-hair effect, or beach-day hair all year round!

Sara Mari
Sayoko Ozaki


FACE :  

– Brown circle lenses of a medium size, with a natural design

– Thick eyebrows : As you may have already noticed on the international scene through super popular models like Cara Delevingne, thick eyebrows are the trend right now. They give instantly a more innocent and younger look. Especially on Japanese features, they create a soft expression overall that banishes forever the strong/severe look of very thin eyebrows.

Yuria Kushido, Gyda producer
Yuria Kushido, GYDA producer


– Eyelash extensions : A big trend right now. No more false eyelashes that look too fake. Pick up a design that look as natural as possible or try the eyelash extensions which last between 3 weeks and several months depending on the amount you choose to have glued on and on a good maintenance (careful removal of make-up, etc). With this useful trick, girls can look womanly and fresh even with no or minimal make-up on.



– Baby skin : Or the famous “baby make-up”, is also a trend right now. Achieve the look with a bright, healthy looking skin using first a good moisturizing base cream and then good quality BB or CC cream (and concealer to erase dark circles and any imperfection). If possible, you can even avoid foundation to keep the face light. The goal is to look as if you weren’t wearing any make-up (suppin-face or bare face).



– Short nails : With rounded edges to avoid a too sexy look.

425564_369504436400125_1897419539_n 409201_369503616400207_1811417227_n

IT GIRLS / Inspiration :

Culumi Nakada, model/DJ
B2QCiNwCYAAClvT.jpg large
Kiko Mizuhara, model/actress
Hair salon SHIMA, hit hair


Bonus : Combining everything with soft, natural colors and delicate accessories, not too heavy, and you are good to go!

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