C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2018 (#C3AFASG18), 30 Nov – 2 Dec 2018. C3AFA is South East Asia’s biggest and most prestigious Japanese Pop Culture event, celebrates its tenth anniversary in Singapore! Held at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, the home-grown experiential festival bring on exclusive Singapore-only programmes, as part of an exciting weekend of the latest blockbuster Japanese anime premieres, Anisong concerts, cosplay, merchandise, and the best of Japanese Popular Culture.

Starting from a meagre attendance of 29,000 back in 2008, the event has since more than tripled in number, with 94,270 attendees reported for last year. It has undergone one new anime cycle after another, from the olden days of Bleach, Naruto and One Piece, to more recent popular series such as Tokyo Ghoul, Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), Boku No Hero Academia (My Hero Academia), and Haikyuu!. What’s unique about this year is, C3AFA has a glamourous red carpet walk segment where fans can get upclose and personal with Anisong Stars, Cosplay Stars and guests for the first time ever.

C3AFA also has food stations for the crowd, this time with greater variety to boot, such as Detective Conan-themed pastries, as well as other dining options that include Samurice, kakigori (shaved ice), chicken sandwich, and the Nissin instant noodles.  Indonesia popular cosplayer, Clarissa Punipun also had an appearance at the Nissin booth to take pictures with her fans.

Fans can also try their hands at the upcoming Boku No Hero, My Hero: One’s Justice Game, along with other Bandai Namco’s titles, such as God Eater 5 and Jump Force. Beyond that, the Honkai Impact booth featured gameplay from the hugely-popular Japanese series, alongside some lighthearted, rhythmic fun with the Switch port of Taiko no Tatusjin. For that extra dose of competitive gaming, the MyRepublic showcase featured mini League of Legends and Soulcalibur VI tournaments.

Overall, C3AFA was a step in the right direction as they resolved their line wait times and increased space in various areas to allow for additional foot traffic. Unfortunately, they still face the issue of overcrowding that will absolutely have to be addressed in the near future if they wish to maintain the enjoyment of the community. Still, it is a great problem to have too many people show up to your event who are all equally excited to check out their favorite fandoms! We highly recommend coming to C3AFA despite the crowding and popularity of it all. There is so much to see and do that it makes the ticket price worthwhile!

*Photography Credits to C3AFA


Short Q&A with Popular Cosplayers Hakken & Hedy:




1: Please introduce yourself how long have you been cosplaying?


Hakken: Hi, I’m hakken from Malaysia and I have been cosplaying for 8 years , back in my hometown not a lot of people cosplay so I’m considered one of the pioneers.

Hedy: I am Hedy from Taiwan and I have been cosplaying for 15 years.


2: How do you first get into cosplay?


Hakken: I started when I was about 12 years old and it started with my initial love for the anime, Code Geass.

Hedy: I was first introduced in school by my friends and the cosplay characters I choose are normally through friends’ recommendations.


3: What are your upcoming cosplay plans and do you intend to do this long term?


Hakken:  I plan to do Fate Grand Order and Code Geass in my upcoming cosplans. At the moment, I will try to cosplay as long as possible and in future work career I also hope to work in similar industry as anime/cosplay.

Hedy: My upcoming cosplans are ROV Liliana and League of Legends Akali, I will try to cosplay as long as possible.


4: Do you feel you must hide the fact you are a cosplayer from people who aren’t active in the community?


Hakken:  I will not hide the fact I’m a cosplayer, all my friends and family knows about it and are supportive fortunately.

Hedy: No, my friends and family know all about my hobby and are supportive.


5: Is cosplay really competitive or a just a way to express your creativity?


Hakken: I cosplay purely out for my love for it rather than just to gain popularity in the fandom. Only through being passionate, then one will be able to bring out the accuracy of the character as it requires a good understanding of the character itself.

Hedy: Competition does not affect me much as I’m only in cosplay scene part time rather than a full time idol influence.


6: For people who want to get started but not sure where to begin. How do they start?


Hakken: You can start with simple cosplay character, you don’t even need a wig if you can style your own hair. I started cosplay with 1 simple fabric to tailor my own costume when I did not have much money.

Hedy: I would suggest for those people who are keen to cosplay to get a job and earn the money before they start the hobby. I would also advise the younger girls to be wary and have a firm attitude in saying No in undesirable situations like outrage of modesty especially in cosplay events.



7: Is a person a “true cosplayer” even if they purchase their costumes or have them commissioned?


Hakken: To me, buying or tailoring a costume does not matter, as long as you have the passion and proper understanding to execute the cosplay. The feeling, mood and poses does matter in my opinion.

Hedy: In my opinion costume accuracy is most important above all. Do your research through google and find out as much information about the character as you can. On a side note, for artwork inspired cosplays, it’s almost impossible to attain 100% accuracy.



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