Japanese accessories stories

You probably already know it, but Japan truly is accessory’s paradise. Hats, socks, scarves, bags or gloves are everywhere and light up every Japanese boys and girls outfits. If you like original pieces of...

New Year’s Eve fashion: dress to impress!

Every year, the struggle to find a perfect looking outfit for holiday season parties is unavoidably coming back. And after hours of shopping, we all finally buy the same little black dress, sparkly shoes and...

Anrealage x Attack on Titan

The fashion brand Anrealage is launching an exclusive unisex t-shirt collection in collaboration with the manga series Attack on Titan. Kunihiko Morinaga, designer of the brand Anrealage, made its Paris collection debut last September featuring an advanced...

Socks: a Japanese fashion statement

Everyone knows about the 1990’s Japanese high school girls strong affection for baggy or loose socks. If the trend is a bit outdated today, Japanese girls still seem to see the fashion potential of...

Japan cutest fashion characters

Japan, promise land of the kawaii culture is providing to the world its dose of  cuteness.  Magazines and brands are always searching for new illustrators. As in fashion, the cute pinup / baby dollish...

Umbrella Mania

The rainy season has just started in Japan and will not stop until July. In September we also will have the typhoon season, which is far from a nice climatic condition to go on...


MAY 2014 - Harajuku NAME: ちゃんち CHANCHI AGE: 20 OCCUPATION: Apparel shop staffTOP: Gerlan Jeans BOTTOM: Adidas SHOES: YRU BAG: MCM ACCESSORIES: M.Y.O.B.INSTAGRAM: chanchi0319 TWITTER: @chanchi_0319 BLOG:


MAY 2014 - Harajuku NAME: ピコ Piko AGE: 26 OCCUPATION: SongwritterTOP: Divided BOTTOM: Private import SHOES: AFF ACCESSORIES: Private importBLOG:


MAY 2014 - Harajuku NAME: オウカンギョク Oukangyoku AGE: 21 OCCUPATION: StudentTOP: Vintage SHOES: SwankissINSTAGRAM: kan_gyoku

Hiroshi & Hiroya

MAY 2014 - Harajuku NAME: 金子寛 HIROSHI (LEFT) OCCUPATION: Student OUTER: And A TOP: Blue Blub SHOES: Dr.Martens BAG: Mementism INSTAGRAM: @95_hiNAME: 篠原浩哉 HIROYA (RIGHT) AGE: 20 OCCUPATION: Student TWITTER: @hiroyaso