MAY 2014 - Harajuku NAME: Kathy OCCUPATION: Bunka StudentTOP: Topshop BOTTOM: Joyrich ACCESSORIES: AmbushINSTAGRAM: medusa_lee


AVRIL 2014 - Harajuku NAME: けんた Kenta AGE: 30 OCCUPATION: DesignerOUTER: H&M TOP: Nick Needles BOTTOM: Nick Needles ACCESSORIES: EXIST, Nick NeedlesWEBSITE: nickneedles.comKenta is the designer of Nick Needles, a unisex brand based in Tokyo. Check his website to see more...

Takaya Hioki

AVRIL 2014 - Harajuku NAME: たかやひおき Takaya Hioki AGE: 28 OCCUPATION: Designer, Seller, AssistantOUTER: Vintage TOP: Takaya Hioki BOTTOM: Antonio Mars SHOES: Vintage ACCESSORIES: GivenchyINSPIRATION: Venetian SnaresHioki is the designer of his own fashion brand. He finds inspiration from the artist Venetian...


AVRIL 2014 - Harajuku NAME: ろみ Romi AGE: 21 OCCUPATION: FreeterTOP: Spinns BOTTOM: Bubbles SHOES: Takeshita Street BAG: Candy StripperTWITTER:@tkmtnath14Romi was on her way out from Spinns Harajuku when we met her. A simple but very cute outfit.


AVRIL 2014 - Harajuku NAME: れなぴょん Renapion AGE: 20 OCCUPATION: FreeterFASHION POINT: Lolita Jumper skirtWe met Renapion near Laforet Harajuku, she was wearing a sweet lolita outfit.

Murayama Haruka

AVRIL 2014 - Harajuku NAME: 村山•遥 Murayama Haruka AGE: 20 OCCUPATION: StudentSHOES: Uula ACCESSORIES: Fig and Viper INSPIRATION: Alisa UenoTWITTER: @hrpppppxx INSTAGRAM: @HRPXXInspired by the fashion icon and producer of the brand Fig and Viper, Alisa Ueno, Haruka has customized her...

Kojima Kenshiro

AVRIL 2014 - Harajuku NAME: 小島•健志郎 Kojima Kenshiro AGE: 26 OCCUPATION: ApparelHAT: Vivienne Westwood FASHION POINT: Mounty Hat INSPIRATION: Pharell WilliamsTWITTER: @kojiken0507We met Kenshiro on Cat Street in Harajuku. The fashion point of his style is definitely his Mounty Hat...


AVRIL 2014 - Harajuku NAME: ちゃみい Chamii AGE: 20 OCCUPATION: StudentOUTER: Vintage TOP: Boy London BOTTOM: Top Shop SHOES: Rihanna for River Island BAG: Top ShopINSTAGRAM: cm_boylondon


AVRIL 2014 - Harajuku NAME: えみ Murayama Haruka AGE: 25 OCCUPATION: StudentCLOTHING: all vintageINSTAGRAM: emi0223


MARCH 2014 - Harajuku NAME: なな Nana AGE: 19 OCCUPATION: Shop staff (Spinns)TOP: Kinji SHOES: Tokyo BopperTWITTER: @nanakuso777