Have you ever heard of the iconic Japanese EGG magazine?

Egg Magazine was one of the most popular kawaii gyaru / ganguro fashion magazines that launched numerous gyaru / ganguro styles in Japan in the 1990s through the 2000s.The magazine was originally launched in 1995 and came with the purpose of influencing trends with each issue launched and at its peak of success reached a sale of 450,000 massive copies and featured great gyaru stars as Rumi Itabashi, Kaoru Watanabe and Yayo Nemo.But with the digital era became more evident than ever in the mid-2000s the gyarus models began to have their own blogs thus had competition with the monthly edition of the magazine Egg that in his view had a sudden drop like other magazines chose to end his works.
Below we see the last issue released in 2014 and its history.

However, as of February 16, 2018, this reality changed !
To the editor-in-chief of 21 years, Hitomi Akagi decided to bring to life the magazine Egg, but totally reformulated and in the beginning will be only digital available only on the web. This new egg form will have four main categories: fashion, beauty, entertainment and animals.
The topic in specific animals will approach the sexual relations and the health, thus being able to contain histories of its readers with lived sexual experiences and their doubts.To start with the right foot, Egg has selected 3 models to open their work in this new field: Nagi (15 years), Pittsu (18 years) and Aiimi (16 years).
The girls did a photo shoot in the best traditional style of the old Egg, in the well-known streets of Shibuya dressed in the traditional student style.You will find everything about this new era on the social networks such as ours!
Let’s enjoy this new phase and who knows in one of the future post of Egg we will not be toasted with an apparition of one of us!


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