2016 is a year of overflowing harvest for Hong Kong fashion !

This year, Tokyo introduces three exciting Hong Kong fashion designers in the Runway at Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO (2017 S/S), demonstrating the design talents’ versatility and use of delicate materials.

Held during the first day of the Fashion Week, the Fashion Hong Kong show introduced the collections Dream, or Jail by Chailie Ho, Urban Chill (of HOUSE OF V) by Vickie Au and last, but not least, The Doule Life of Madam White Snake (of Loom Loop) by Polly Ho.❤

Gifted with imagination, Chailie Ho dedicates herself to portraying the beauty of love and feminity in her designs.

chailie-ho-1Embracing feminine independance and inner strenght, Chailie Ho conveys her belief with the romantic sartorial details and soft hand-drawn watercolour prints in her own designs. Together with a strong emphasis on fluidity, her refined, sleek and unconventional collection glows with a gentle timeless elegance.



Inspired by architecture and guided by the most basic unit in design – lines, HOUSE OF V strives to create elegant and minimalist fashion. Every detail in the design pieces is carefully crafted and curated to achieve sartorial harmony.


This collection include styles from occasion wear to leisure outfits, blending urban city looks with leisure summery chill. Attention to details is the key, presented by fluid cutting panels and silhouettes with carefully chosen fabrics and colours.


The collection of Loom Loop emphasises the use of green and white colours and snake motif prints to introduce a graceful breath of summer as well as the versatile images of the legendary white and green snakes.


The adoption of traditional Chinese knot structures in the collection aims to carry good fortune, demonstrate aesthetic value, and promote cultural heritage.


We oh-so-loved it. ❤More Runways reports to come soon ❣

Photos © Noa Nguyen / Tokyo Street Style

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