Are you ready for a cut-throat cuteness for Valentine’s Day?
we will be celebrating the beautiful partnership of the Puma sports brand with the worldwide representative of kawaii hello kitty. For the 50th anniversary of the sports cougar brand, there was a partnership of its headquarters in america with the brand of hello kitty japanese products to launch 2 exclusive products for this cute date
the first release is a pair of blank sneakers with red details and prints of our cute kitty hello kitty, this product will be officially launched in Japan on February 8, 2018.

This collection is a tribute to Hello Kitty, a little girl born in London, where red ribbon and bottle of milk are trademarks, making biscuits and apple pie and apple pie.
The bold color scheme, the packed graphics and the more complicated details are completed in a fluffy collection filled with nothing more.

In addition, clothing also appeared in this collaboration. “PUMA x Hello Kitty Tee” is white, with a cute collaboration logo. The T7’s configuration is a very adorable style in red.
“PUMA Hello Kitty Hoodie” features a 7cm white line along the shoulder and a Hello Kitty trademark on the front and back.
Based on Sanrio’s corporate philosophy, “only small gifts nourish great friendship,” the collection also has very beautiful accessories.

Finally, thoses backpacks have a large logo on it and the hood flap is translucent.

This collection will be limited so if you have added these kawaii items to your wish list, stay tuned !
Would you wear those items in your daily life ? Tell us right now with a comment !

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