Halloween is coming!
Did you know that Halloween is celebrated in Japan too? Yes,only in a different way.
Let’s dive into this theme!

As everyone knows, Halloween is a very celebrated date in the USA where children go the streets from house to house asking for donations and if these donations, actually candies, are not offered the person in question gets a mischief (very mischievous by the way)!

But Japan has been sticking with Halloween for 10 years, more and more, not to make that US tradition of asking for homecoming from the home. Because this,in Japan, becomes something very invasive for some more traditional people and even companies!

So how come Halloween is growing so much in Japan?

For Japanese people who goes to the streets of the center of Japan’s Fashion, Harajuku, it is an opportunity to invest in the production of their fantasies and show the best you can offer through costumes.

With this huge search for costumes for that date the merchants are investing more and more in the cosplay aspect that for the laity is to dress like your character of anime, manga or favorite game or even famous TV celebrit.
Japan is very good in this because people there are very detailed and invest a lot money in their fantasies to gather on Tokyo Streets where, by the way, a great party becomes the fantasy open to the public!

If you are planning to go in Japan during this period, try Halloween !

So, Japanese people are adhering to that date not to get more donations but to show off their talents in cosplay outside their companies or offices!

Do you like this information and photos?
Be inspired and celebrate this date, too, if you dress frighteningly or even very sweet and have fun!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

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