Hi, how are you?
you as well as all of us kawaii culture lovers love fashion items in unused formats? and if they are heart shaped will they have the power to conquer you too?
because well today we will talk about some actions that definitely conquers us just to look:
Honey Salon cute Valentine collection has recently launched some models of super delicate little handbags in heart shapes.
the same has the theme “a letter of love” that in its threads has embroidery in the form of a beautiful letter in love that you send to your love! these bags come in 2 models, one as a small heart-shaped purse, with ruffles, alsa to wear on the shoulder and a beautiful tie to finish.
the second option reminds us of the shape of a Brazilian food called pastel (which is an envelope of round pastry folded in half that is stuffed with meat and attached to its edges with pressure), this handbag is in this format the light pink color , with the love letter embroidery and a delicate ruffle around it!
all 2 models of handbags are available in light pink, red, black!
the alsa bag costs: 4,104 yen (included fee)
the small portfolio already costs: 4,104 yen (included fee)
all of them can be used by all in small trips or walks where it is not necessary to carry many items, and to adapt to its style has 3 colors that can range from the delicate doll to the Gothic style.

the brand also launched piercing letter with the theme of an envelope with heart, being thus also used quietly as earrings they come in 3 color options:
pink purple and red and costs 4,536 yen (tax included)

more details from where to buy:
Honey Salon Valentine collection
Release date: On sales
Sales: Honey Salon, official online store
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