Suites accessories of the brand “Q-pot (pot Cue)” is, Toro -. Ritorokeru Q-pot of motif popularity “Melty Collection”, the “Melty” the story of the most horrible choker and bracelet, September 1, 2018 (Saturday) to be released.
Choker and bracelet clad in an atmosphere of terror

From the left image, paste Melty (Milk) / 9,000 yen (excluding taxes), melty choker (bloody) / 8,400 yen (excluding taxes), Melty bracelet (Poison, Milk Chocolate, Milk, Bloody) / every 5,200 yen excluding taxes), Melty ring (Poison, bloody) / each (tax excluding) 6,500 yen, Melty broche / 5,500 yen (excluding taxes)

push the fancy dress can enjoy choker and bracelet, up to four rows of colors. Choose your favorite color from Red = Blood, Black = Poison, Brown = Chocolate, White = Milk. Halloween, of course, ♪ recommended coordination of the Gothic style
A surreal design like the fingers of the ono …!? Bleeding

From the image on the left, Melt ring (light red) / 8,200 yen (excluding taxes), ax ring / 16,000 yen (excluding taxes)

It’s a surreal “ax ring” as if it were being cut like a finger! Even the popular “Melt Ring”, the new color “Red” joins the ranks!

Axling ring / 16,000 yen (excluding taxes)

Let’s surprise everyone with a mechanism of terrorism as if the blood was flowing with dokudoku ☆
Product Overview

[MELTY COLLECTION (Honey collection tea)]
Release Date: September 1, 2018 (Saturday)
sale: … Q-pot directly managed all stores, Q-pot ONLINE SHOP (12:00 noon), Q-Pot INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SHOP

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· Melty choker (bloody, Poison, Milk Chocolate, milk) / each (excluding tax) 8,400 yen
· Melty Bangle (bloody, Poison, Milk Chocolate, milk) / each (tax excluding) 5,200 yen
· Melty paste (bloody, Poison, Milk Chocolate, milk) / each tax 9,000 yen (excluding)
· Melty ring (bloody, Poison, Milk Chocolate, milk) / each tax 6,500 yen (excluding)
· Melty brooch (bloody, Poison, Milk Chocolate, milk) / every 5,500 yen (excluding taxes)
, ax axle / 16,000 yen (excluding taxes)
melt ring (transparent red) / 8,200 yen (excluding VAT)



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