This trend has been buzzing around in social networks for some time: Crystal clear lipsticks.

Village Vanguard Online has begun to sell “Oil in Color Lip”, “Crystal Eye Slip”, “Flower Lip Tint” by Jellykiss.

Oil in Color Lip

In the middle is a highly colored herbal lip color encased with a transparent, gold particles offset lip balm.

Through the perfect balance of lip color and lip balm, this lipstick wears up pleasantly and gives the same color and moisture. Without heavy application.

All lipsticks from Jellykiss support lip care through the moisturizing ingredients.

JellyKiss Oil in Color Lip :1,404 Yen. Even the lipstick is full-filled with many small hearts.

Crystal Eye Lips

A color explosion are the Crystal Ice Lipsticks. It comes in 5 different colors and all with a refreshing scent of mint : Clear lychee mint, bright pink-peach mint, Pink-strawberry mint, Lilac grape mint, Blue-blueberry mint

There’s something for everyone. Choose your jewel !

The lipstick literally melts on the lips, giving them a light color. Subtle without applying thick.

JellyKiss Crystal Eye Lipstick : 1,188 Yen


Flower Lip Tint

But that’s not all Jellykiss’s. There are still Flower Lip Tints. As the name suggests, these are provided with small flowers.

The lipstick is colorless but the PH and moisture level of the lips conjures up a nice pink on the lips.

This one is in the colors: Pink-strawberry, yellow-orange, baby pink-peach, blue-apple, white-lychee with the scent of fruits

Flower Lip Tint : 1,296 Yen

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