When you think there is no way to innovate more about lipstick, the brand “MAJOLICA MAJORCA Pure” surprises us! The line of cosmetics “MAJOLICA MAJORCA Pure” came with a release entitled “Kiss NEO” which was released on February 21, 2018.

This new collection comes with an innovation in texture and color. As you combine this line of lipsticks along with another lipstick of your daily use it becomes softer, creamier and totally changes color with just a junction of products!
The lipsticks of the ”neo” line are available in 14 beautiful and vibrant colors all in a beautiful matte or matte way that is nothing more than dull!
It also has another softer line that provides a more discreet style and available in 7 colors that can be used every day with any look.

As of February, the actress Nikaido Fumi is chosen as the new model. Looking at the mirror with a tone of mystery, stealing the scene. Here ist he new Majolica Majorca with the theme of “elegant thief.”

Majolica Majorca Pure · Kiss NEO
Release Date: February 21, 2018 (Wednesday)
Color number: 13 colors + base of lips 1 color
Price: 800 yens (+tax)

Majolica Majorca Website

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