On Wednesday night, designers Ishida, Shibahara and Tobita joined forces to showcase their Spring/Summer collection of 2019 for MUZE and PARADOX TOKYO respectively.

During the first few seconds of the show, it quickly became apparent that MUZE and PARADOX TOKYO have raised the bar in terms on inclusivity in their show Wednesday night. The show was opened by athletes from Nippon Sport Science University who performed a traditional cheering choreography.

Throughout the show, the new pieces were highlighted by the very own models who wore them. Not only were they from different cultural backgrounds but also showcased several gender identities, age groups, and styles. The diversity further highlighted by incorporating Japanese director and producer Terry Ito, kickboxer Takeru Segawa and most Paralympic ice hockey player Wataru Horie.

The designers clearly played with the idea of modern street style and what it means in today’s world. Bold colors were paired with dark pieces that allowed room for creativity. Certain pieces showed influences from several areas of art and fashion such as late 90s active wear or 80s Andy Warhol pop art.

MUZE showcased looks that walked the fine line of casual and formal, monochromatic and bold. On the other hand, PARADOX TOKYO fully embraced statement pieces, colors and loose fits.

Both brands will undoubtedly continue to influence modern street style in Tokyo and carry it out into the world.

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