Do you remember this fashion style born in the early 90’s called Gal (or Gyary ギャル)? When the Gals were popular, all of the adepts of this style were tanning their skin, dying their hair to gold and brown, and wearing impossible platform shoes with even more awesome clothes. With famous magazines such as EGG and Popteen, bringing new looks each month, Gals were the queens of Shibuya. Today, the style is almost dead and EGG doesn’t even exist anymore.

It’s not completely the end though. Do you wanna know the next level of Gal culture? Neo-Gal. And it’s causing a big movement in Japan.

The Neo-Gal girls are enjoying flashy but sophisticated fashion. Pastel hair. Ripped jeans. Bling accessories and a simple idea: dress for yourself, not to impress men.


If there isn’t any fashion rule to become a Neo-Gal, there is some important/basics pieces to start with. Black backpacks, bowler hats, garters and harnesses, as well as thick soled shoes and velvet items are a must.

Alisa Ueno, the brand director of “FIG&VIPER”, also DJ and model, leads the Neo-Gal culture. She has bleached hair – changing the shade whenever she wants it -, and mixes both Harajuku and foreigner fashion with loud lipstick and crazy accessories. Famous Instagramer, she has been delivering Neo-Gal fashion style to the rest of the world with photos of her traveling through the U.S. – and the globe, not only giving samples of her look but rather a jet-setting international lifestyle.


Another top model of this style, the creative Director of EVRIS: Ayano Sasaki.


With mainstream coverage in Japan and top icons on Twitter and Instagram, Neo-Gal trend is more than a fashion style, it’s a revival of an entire culture, and the wind of liberty that already inspired so many young people few years ago, claiming their fashion freedom as well as their love for the pop-culture of foreign countries.


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