Do you know the J-pop super group called AKB48?
Well this group is very famous in Japan and it takes multitudes with you and everything that announces, currently the brand “NILE PERCH” is in partnership with some girls of AKB48 and are collaborating on the nile perch clothing brand with cute pieces and exclusive details.

And I would like young children all over the country to know more about the charm of “Setouchi” more now! So I want to honor the charm of “Setouchi” refining fashionability and photogenic SELFIE – felt and making use of what I learned! To comply with such a thought, to infiltrate the planned blockade [# Hara Transgenic Mature] and SGS to start ☆ fashionable Harajuku fashion epicenter, “# Hara Mature transgenic” that deliver a figure who grows with experience!

the shop is like a fairy tale on the inside, with lovely pastoral tones and pieces so dazzling that we were fascinated with every detail!

the store is in Harajuku and is becoming better known every day, it was opened in the year 2017 more now that it is getting more visibility!
Hina-chan on entering the store was immediately attracted by one of the cutest pieces of the shop a red kawaii beret with small applications that makes her look like a strawberry!
already Mr. Otani Mariina was attracted by a beautiful xadres skirt with dark background and red ribbons in bows, the purest elegance for a kawaii adult woman.
and with so many items in pastel blue the girls loved delicate and cute dresses where the baby blue predominates!


dress / 20,300 yen (excluding VAT)
of the lame turtle mesh / 9,800 yen (excluding taxes)
, beret / 7,900 yen (excluding taxes)
candy necklace / 2,800 yen (excluding taxes)
, income stockings / Yen 3,200 (excluding VAT)
· Shoes / 11,000 yen (excluding taxes) (All NILE PERCH)

Hina’s look is very delicate with a light blue beret with appliqués, a fluffy and very delicate dress with very sparkly rose-studded shoes along with a sock with ruffled edges!

already marina has opted for a more sweet look with shades of light pink in a charming dress with fluffy bunny theme gloves and a matching scarf with this super delicate theme! with tall, ruffled tube socks and a beautiful shoe to the perfect doll style!
dress / 1,7000 yen (excluding VAT)
of the lame turtle mesh / 9,800 yen (excluding taxes)
and silencer / 12,000 yen (excluding taxes)
, gloves / 7,900 yen (excluding taxes)
, rabbit stockings / 3,900 yen (excluding VAT)
· Shoes / 9,800 yen (excluding taxes) (All NILE PERCH)

the coolest thing about this delightful store is that if you are allowed to take pictures or selfies with lovely products like the plush rabbits that the girls took to make that kawaii selfie.

as we could not make out the girls gave their opinions about the store:
Iwata Haruna
I like dreams like this, so I love cute things, so it was a very happy space! Every single design is very delicate and I like all the beautiful details.

Otani Mitsuna
Lolita frills are beautiful clothes and Hina (Iwata Hideo) and “Eh! Cute!” It made a terrible noise! ! Especially, I wanted to buy a gingham check dress and wanted to buy it until next time. Ochin Lol Toa is very suitable for hand shooting did not stop! Lol
I want to go with Hina again next time ~ I also have to buy a dress at that time! Lol

if you loved the store and want to know more about it:
Address: 4-26-27 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Harajuku Y’s Bill B1F
Hours of operation: weekdays 11am – 8pm, Sun festival 11am – 7pm
regular holidays: none


[Twitter] @ nileperchinfo

well with this post kawaii waxed that matter and if you liked short or share with your friends let’s love! until the next post!

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