As Japan continually introduces new styles and awesome trends into the world, summer is a most inspiring season where every fashion fantasm can become reality. One of the hottest and summer-y phenomenon of this year is the pastel hairstyle spotted on many young people in the streets who have been dying their hair light, using shades such as baby pink or blue, lavender, mint green or even pale yellow.

Giving not just a spectacular look, it’s an extraordinary fashion craze that turns head, but also a creative and colourful hairstyle that can be the make-or-break element of a drop-dead-cute look.


To get this amazing look is however a true investment and it can be expensive to reach the perfect shade, including multiple bleaching to achieve the colour needed for pastels to shine bright. Even though pastel hair color is fun, it’s nice to have a trusted professional to do your hair transformation.


Moreover, even though pastel hair is in vogue since few months already, this warming look seems to spread at its full potential this summer, blooming as much as the flower crowns, now worn everywhere in Tokyo, making the city more colorful than ever.

Another fashion trend even adopted by one of the finest fashionista : Juria Nakagawa who alternates between purple and pink pastel shades for her hair, most of the time embellished by some flower crowns.


And because this flower crowns boom became inevitable in Tokyo, you can now find some of those in many popular shops at affordable prices – especially in Harajuku and Shibuya -, such as WEGO, Claire’s and H&M !

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