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As I mentioned in an earlier post, Valentine’s Day season comes with all love in Japan!
The female brand “Randa” could not stay out of this, so they will release Valentine’s shoes from Thursday, February 1, 2018.
They come in 2 items. The first one is a classic scarf style shoe in velvet red tone that can be very well combined with your look for that special day!
The heel size of it is 7.5 cm, thus it can be used comfortably for all day without tiring your feet very much. This handsome model will cost 6,900 yen (excluding taxes).

The other model is more Valentine-themed because it comes with a burst of red hearts on a bright white background. It has a red sole inspired by the luxurious shoes Louboutin. It will also cost 6,900 yen (excluding taxes) and his heels mesures also 7.5 cm.

These shoes are great option to delight your love or for yourself to love each moment while looking at them!
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