Sea world spreading fluffy Osakana and Jellyfish swim “as pisan dot check collaboration”

From a favorite piece of the specialty shop, decorated with original illustrations of popular members “Yonapi” s “model! Loosen” new wave girl group “Pisa N cooperated check tulle dot, how” is it for sale.

The theme of this collaborative dress is “inside the sea”

As a collaboration of Pisa Check Dot Tulle / 12,938 yen (tax included) O

Chicophone sleeve dress with a colorful button that fish and jellyfish swim recently.

Based on light blue and light gray, fluorescent pink and yellow are used as accents. As Pisan’s original character, cool and cute

In the manga, two types of thin fabrics that are cute are stacked and protect your body from the strong summer sunlight. On a rather cold day, if you use it in layers, you can use it all year round

Combined with petticoat, a soft, clean sense of volume is completed. Of course, even if you use it slowly as it is, it’s a clean, calm impression.
Like a front-opening jacket, even a part can be used as a part, with a convenient specification.

Let’s leave with a special feeling with a fantastic dress like a walk in the sea
Product Overview

[Such collaboration check dot N Pisa]
Price: ¥ 12,938 (tax included)
Size: M ~ L
Color: check light blue × gray

Release date: sale
sale: Favorite shopping site



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