system of Harajuku clothes Puchipura goods store several “Thank You Mart” is one of the collaborative products of the popular “Sesame Street” which is released from Sakosshu three April 26, 2018 (Thursday).
Elmo · Cookie Monster · Abby is Pop and Cute Sococh!

From the image, “Sesame Street” × “Thanks Mart” Sakosshu Elmo collaboration, Monster Cookie, Abbey / each (tax excluding) 390 yen

Friends of Minna love “Sesame Street” is, ☆ to Sakosshu in pandemic

line-up is among them Three types of highly support Elmo, Monster Cookie, Abby.

A beautiful face is printed on every vivid color of red, blue, pink Impact great design is beautiful 

The custom Corde add a colorful accent is also good, in conjunction with other collaborative items such as T-shirts and bandanas enjoy the bustling fashion “Sesame Street” is also good!

Both hands open convenient Sakosshu is your wallet or smartphone, because the size accidentally ease something lip, the future of time, it may be good to go out with your friends and your individual to that theme park ◎.
Product Overview

[“Sesame Street” × “Thank you Mart” Sakosshu collaboration]
Price: every 390 yen (excluding taxes)
Type: Elmo, Monster Cookie, Abby all three
size: 19cm × 25cm
Release Date: April 26, 2018 (Thursday)
sale: Thank you Mart national store, thank you Mart Web Shop, Rakuten Ichiba, Yahoo! Shopping

※ Depending on the traffic conditions, some arrival may be delayed


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