One of the most iconic landmarks in Japan, the Shibuya 109 shopping mall will be celebrating its 40th anniversary next year. It has been the jfashion mecca for all sorts of styles and has evolved over the years. And what could be a better way of reaching a new stage than by upgrading the logo?

Earlier this year, SHIBUYA 109 Entertainment Co., Ltd. held an online contest which narrowed down to 4 final candidates selected from over 9,000(!) entries, for the new SHIBUYA 109 logo. There were many creative entries but there could only be one.

The winning logo design!

At first, many were a bit hesitant when the company announced the logo change. But this is a very good fit. It keeps the same feel of the original logo but in a modern way. It even incorporates the actual top of the building where the logo resides. And the gradual change of colors could represent all of the evolutions that have and will occur.

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