Do you want cuteness? Let SWANKISS guide you into its newest collection!$

We will start with a lovely light pink medium-sized purse that has been beautifully lined with a very delicate pink fluttering. It brings a whole new charm to the romantic kawaii proposal.
The backpack has frill of super delicate bright fabric and flowers application. It has several regular sized compartments that you can use to store your belongs.
It costs 7,560 yen (taxes included).

There are also beautiful pink heels, covered with porpurina, with a discreet heel and a small half paa in front, all with a beautiful detail of light pink skin fluttering to brighten. The most incredible thing is that the heel is transparent acrylic stuffed with beautiful white pearls! Those beautiful shoes costs 11,664 yen (taxes included).
The brand is also offering some few gorgeous gifts !

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