TGC is now on the Next Stage after its 10th Anniversary!
Event announcement of the
21th TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2015 AUTUMN/WINTER』~September 27th 2015, Sunday at Yoyogi National First Gymnasium

The Executive Committee of Tokyo Girls Collection (Planning/Production: F1 Media) will hold the 21th TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2015 AUTUMN/WINTER (hereafter, TGC) on Sunday, September 27 th at Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

The 21st TGC Will Enter the Next Stage of its Evolution!

The upcoming TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION, TGC, with its theme of “introducing Japanese girls culture to the world”, 21st TGC 2015 AUTUMN/WINTER, will this year too provide more powerful and gorgeous contents to make attending girls beaming and radiant.


“Every woman certainly has power to shine”–the revelation led us pick up a word, “SHINE,” as the theme for upcoming TGC. The key visual will deliver the message that every woman is a rough diamond and, if polished with the power of fashion, her future will be as shiny and glorious as a perfect diamond. Programs include star-spangled, powerful and fascinating stages like fashion shows featuring hot autumn/winter trends, live performances of highly acclaimed players, and special stages featuring distinguished guests.

This year brands: BOY LONDON, CECIL McBEE, Dazzlin, DRWCYS, EMODA, FIG&VIPER, Khaju, KIKKA THE DIARY OF, Language, Nina mew, Punyus, rienda, The Virgnia, Ungrid, WEGO, 31 Sons de mode and more…

Artists Invited: Koda Kumi, Crystal Kay, JUJU and more…


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